Thinking About Trending Topics: Funke Adejumo, Ekiti Fayose and the Osun State Elections

Trending Topics - Funke Adejumo, Ekiti Fayose and the Osun State Elections

These three trending topics have bothering the heck out of me:

  1. Osun Elections.
  2. Ekiti pushed out a loudmouthed Governor.
  3. Falana and his idea that RCCG churches are business centres.

In retrospect, I think Fayose either relied too much on his anti-grazing laws, his stomach infrastructure or something equally mundane. The details of his interview with Seun Okinbaloye of Channels TV showed a man who is always more eager to speak than to listen. More than 223,000 people viewed him brag endlessly. He hardly gave the interviewer a chance to speak before he would crassly cut in with proud claims of world domination. Anyway, we all know Ekiti went to the highest bidder and unfortunately Fayose’s money problems have not even started. I’m just waiting for him to also start singing for APC to take him in come 2019.

I know a few of those in the Osun electoral race. One is even my uncle. But I know APC will most likely win Osun again. These people have a strategy that drains money from competition. Most Osun indigenes lack the financial clout to raise any significant opposition. Poverty is APC’s greatest weapon. You say PDP was always bribing people and buying people with bags of money. That’s one of their biggest failures. They empowered the opposition. The current ruling party has left the candy and pulled out the cane. If you want to know why they’ll win in Osun and maybe 2019, it’s not because they are buying voters, it’s because there won’t be opposition with enough money to organise anything.

In Femi Falana’s video at Felabration, he talked about how religion and politics have affected us as a people. He mentioned that Pastor Adeboye’s goal to put Redeemed churches 5 minutes’ walk apart is a business network rather than anything spiritual. Yesterday, I sat through several messages and documentaries on prosperity preachers outside Africa. I have come to a conclusion; these people don’t care about us. Funke Adejumo has featured in at least five different videos where she’s directing Nigerians to pay taxes of $100, £100, $1000 and more, to their pastors or the pastor’s wives on monthly, weekly or yearly basis. She says this would not stop them from other seed or sowing they will still do in the course of the year. They will definitely be exposed to many more “special teachings, guests, sermons, and preachers,” who will bind them under oath to pay multiple seeds throughout the year.

To summarise, therefore: on the one hand the government takes the budget away, they lock it up, they keep the power closely monopolised so that people continue to live in oppression and deprivation. There is no abundant life in the society so we run to the church for abundant life and there’s another campaign running in the church.

Well, it’s not anyone’s business how you spend your money. Just be aware that this is nothing but collaboration. Whether the Church knows it or not, they are helping the oppressors to achieve their aim. Hungry people can never build a better society. Sin thrives in the hand of desperate people. Hunger and desperation will continue to grow; people will continue to take shortcuts, compromising their duty for any form of relief. 2019 will come and go, we will not understand why the wicked rule, we will think it is our sins of fornication, homosexuality, gambling, and other moralistic things we lie about. We will blame sinners and unbelievers for bringing God’s wrath on Nigeria. News Flash: we are all accomplices; we made Nigeria what it is.

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