Toyin Aimakhu is not here for the nonsense or the iranu in 2016


You know you’ve had enough of the nonsense when you have to warn people that the next person to squeeze their mouth one kain and tell you what you don’t want to hear, you will just get blocked.

This is what Toyin Aimakhu had no choice but to do on her Instagram page yesterday. She politely warned people ahead of the new year to please not mention anything to do with her marital status otherwise she will have no choice but to remove such negativity from her life.

Toyin Aimakhu -2

This Instagram post has made me see Ms Aimakhu in a new light – I have so much respect for her. It is difficult to walk away from a bad situation knowing full well that people were expecting you to fail anyway (there is a lot said about the marriages of actresses), and to do so with your head held high. It is difficult to walk away knowing that you will be blamed regardless of whoever is responsible for the disintegration of the union. It is difficult to walk away when the case isn’t that love has died but that the conditions have become untenable.

Toyin Aimakhu -4

To now compound this burden with the outrageous chatter and noise of good-for-nothing busy bodies, people who pretend to care but are merely quoting the Bible or Qur’an at you in a bid to laugh and gloat over your misery, people who are miserable and living in their own self-made cages looking for partners in captivity, it’s sometimes too much for a woman to take.

I am profoundly proud of you, Toyin, and I am proud of the way you have picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and glowed ever more radiant since your setback. Well done for speaking out; you don’t have to take it.


Her message:

I appreciate you all and I love you all pls it’s just few hours to 2016,pls from 12am if anyone comes to my page to talk about anything about marriage or home,I’m deeply sorry but will be force to block the person…Nigeria is the only country where women don’t support each other,even the ones that wants to support they will attack them pls let’s support ourselves alot of pple are dieing but shy to come out cos of what fellow women will say,pls let’s support and love ourselves,happy new year in advance

Toyin Aimakhu Instagram Message

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