UK June 8th General Election: vote who you like, as long as it’s not Tory!


The UK June 8th General Election has finally come around, and I’m in bits. I have been feverishly checking poll trackers to see what’s really good. Every time I hear of Labour or the Lib Dems inching forward, my heart does a little skip. There are many who do not believe the Tories are evil, but then again, there are many who are wrong.


Over and over, we have seen the Conservatives hurt the people they purport to love with cuts. The NHS, education, transport…just about every public infrastructure has been tightened till they are on their knees. And the Tories just keep pinching.

Look, everyone is allowed their opinion and if this were just about right vs left wing, I would not mind at all. I know that we can’t all see eye to eye on everything. But this new bunch of Tories lie alarmingly well. I’m all for Conservatives doing Conservative things – you know, generally being shitty and mean to just about everyone who isn’t moneyed, old and Caucasian, but this new lot? They swear they’re not a certain way, and then promptly slash some benefit, cut some type of public funding (to institutions as well as individuals), or just murder a newborn or something. Why not just say it your chest? Why not just be proud of your Machiavellian ways?

Theresa May swears up and down that she was not pro-Brexit, but has now staked her entire political career on a hard Brexit. Our erstwhile Prime Minister is pushing for things that even the most hardcore Brexiters do not want. They’re flipping through the manifesto, wondering “Errr…what page did we say we don’t want no more croissants cos they’re French? I never agreed to that!”

On four different occasions, Ms May fervently denied that there would be a snap election. In an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr, she continued denying that there would ever be an election of any kind. She stated that the UK needed a period of stability after the shock Brexit vote.

She said: “I’m not going to be calling a snap election. I’ve been very clear that I think we need that period of time, that stability, to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing and have that election in 2020.”

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrives for a general election campaign visit to a tool factory in Kelso

And then she promptly called for an election. Because absolute power. Tories have no plan or strategy to better the UK. The only plan in place is to cripple the public system, take from the poor and give to the rich.

They focus on a couple of trigger words that are bound to rile up disenfranchised Britons, but really, there is no cohesive plan. There has to be more to a government than “Immigration!” and “Hard Brexit!” and with the Blue Party, when you look beyond these party tricks, you will see a squeezing and a killing of the lifeline of this great country.

So make sure you vote today. Vote Liberal Democrats. Vote Labour. You can even vote for the Green Party if you like, they’re a fab lot. If the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s name is on the ballot, you can put an X next to it and all. Nought wrong with a bit of pasta.

Vote for any party that cares about the citizen of this fair isle; any party that will stop for a minute and think about children, education, health, transport, security, the economy, jobs, housing, and the vulnerable amongst us.

Vote for anyone except Tories. Because they do not mean the UK well at all.


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