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Viva QuestionGood evening Victor,

Please I need your advice here. I have this boyfriend that I have known since late 2015. When we met, he asked how old I was and I told him. In return, I asked the same question and he said he was a year older than I am.

On Wednesday, he was filling an online form and he put a year different from what he told me earlier which now makes him two years younger than myself. Today, while he was away, I opened his wallet for the first time since we met and saw a driver’s license confirming the year he filled in the form. I have been so downcast because I really don’t like dating younger guys. Please how do I bring it up as a topic of discussion between us? What do I do? He is all shades of niceness. He is a good chef, he cooks for me, washes my clothes, pampers me just to list a few. My heart has always been at peace since I met him. But with this incident now I am feeling terribly bad. Does age matter in a relationship? Your advice, please!!

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Viva Answer

There is nothing wrong with this situation. Let it fly! You don’t marry age. Age does not make people happy, people do. You are dating him not his age. His age doesn’t negate his goodness towards you. Would you rather go for somebody older that won’t guarantee you happiness? You must understand that a lot of factors must have led him to do that but pay attention to his person and forget about age. Age matters not.
Do you agree with Victor? What would you have advised?
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Hi Victor, I need some advice please. There is this guy that I met online. We exchanged numbers and got talking, he said he loved me and has been really nice to me but I noticed that there is something in him that scares me. I told him and he said there is nothing wrong with him. We started talking fully from February; he promised to visit me, but each time he promised, he won’t come and he doesn’t like me talking about his coming.
There was a day I dreamt about him hiding himself from me, I woke up and prayed then I asked him again why he doesn’t want to come. He said he’s busy with something. Recently, he promised to come on the 28th of march and failed again; telling me he has court issues, that I should still wait for him. Right now I’m scared and confused, I no longer believe him and I don’t want to go with the wrong person.

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  1. Any man who lied just to start up a relationship will never be sincere in marriage(if at all he’ll marry you)…you better break up cox if he really loves you, he’ll tell you the truth and let love lead…it’s simple dear,make no mistake in love issues

  2. Mayb d guy mght b fhinkin dat if he tells u his real age,u mght luk dwn @him,as a small kid,who wnts 2date,nd mght reduce d repect,dat z suppose 2go 4him….bt he nv knew dat he wz mistaken,cuz luv,doesnt matters abt ones age,itz a equal-standard,it matters on d genie love,u both built,$share,rght 4rm tym,…rem luv goes wiff wisdom,faithfulness,nd trust,…in addition 2get a luvly hr8 of a woman,one must also show humility,nd nt pride,…let me say mayb he doesnt hv d spirit of humility,so hw will he hv d spirit of truthfulness?xo u c datz wz y he lied….pls we need 2kick away d spirit of pride,nd try 2 b humble,bcuz as we all knw pride stands b4 a fall…..sum guys do feels dat bcuz dey re d man in d relationship,den d gals must 2show dem respect,..ok 5n,i agreed wiff dat,bt u guys should also show ur gals some little sign of respect,she 2, z also a human lyk u re,…even 4sum married couples,when d woman shows u respect,u as d man,u hv 2 b completely summissive 2her in return!

  3. by d way d relationship,z jst still @ d startin point y building it up wiff lies,…datz d spirit of pride,lyk wise mny pple say wot dey re nt 2dae,sum would say deir father works in (C.B.N) dey lived @ (G.R.A)nd wot if d person u tell,later cum 2knw dat ure nt wot u said ure hw will u feel dat dae,it would b a shameful disgrace!..itz beta u didnt even say,dan u did…

  4. Dis country dos not really encourage age factore to get sometin gud,in nigeria u need to do ur declaration of age by adding or subtracting from it to mak ur cv more valuable. Dat guy did not lie to,it’s d situation of d country

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