WhatsApp is down and the world is losing its mind!

WhatsApp is down

WhatsApp is down and has been for the last couple of hours! Listen, people have been suffering withdrawal symptoms. Fine, fine me, Raysheh, was losing my mind! Look, I live via WhatsApp.

About five years ago, I stopped learning new social media technology. I can just about get my head around Twitter; I’m fairly okay with Instagram as long as it’s food and fashion, but I have no idea what they do on Snapchat ?. I don’t want Telegram because WhatsApp. So, what am I meant to be doing? I was even happy to cope with random aunties and uncles sending unfounded WhatsApp messages (like plastic rice), just to be able to contact friends, business contacts and family free of charge.

WhatsApp is down - Luvvie


Please WhatsApp, please don’t let Lucifer use you. Instead, let Jesus use you. WhatsApp is down? No, be lifted in Jesus’ name, Insha Allah!

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