13 things that can keep you from the success you desire

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The word success and the steps towards it are the foundations of multi million dollar self help industries and for good reason because let’s face it, everyone desires to succeed but as it happens there are a number of things that can keep that desire at bay and today we are here to help you identify them so you can hopefully overcome them. We are Viva Naija and here are 13 things that can keep you from the success you desire:

1) Not believing in yourself: If you do not believe you can, you will not. Opportunities will come but they will be passed over even as you insist on the inside (and sometimes on the out) that success is just not for you but here is a question for you to ponder: “Why should YOU not succeed?” “Why can’t YOU succeed?” “Why?” It may sound cliche but the first to succeeding is believing that you can

believe in yourself (13 things that can keep you from the success you desire)


2) Negative thinking: A negative thinker sees the road to being successful as some foreboding thing fraught with difficulties that are out to ruin him. The end result is that the person ends up actively avoiding opportunities and passing them by when they come. We advise thinking differently. There are challenges on the road to being successful but rather than seeing them as opportunities to fail, see them as opportunities to learn, grow and get better

(13 things that can keep you from the success you desire)


3) You keep looking for the easy way out: Now while it is true that there a ways to do things easier, approaching life with the mindset of avoiding any kind of struggle or challenge will deter you from success.


4) You’ve lost sight off your goals: Having goals and working towards them are the key ingredients of being successful in anything. So what are your goals? What is it that you want to achieve? Recall them and go for it


5) You spend too much time on your ass: Success wont come if you sit and wait for it to show up. You have to go get it. For the religiously inclined, remember that God blesses the works of your hands and not the prints of your ass

get offf your ass (13 things that can keep you from the success you desire)


6) You are waiting for ideal conditions: Alas my friend there are no perfectly ideal conditions. What you have is now. So start doing what you can do with what you have right now. Take the step you can take now and follow that up with the step you can take tomorrow. It’ll all add up we promise you


7) You get distracted easily: Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. By all means have other things you do and enjoy but keep your goals front and center and dont let things take your eyes of them.


8) You let your fears get the best of you: Every successful person knows the feeling of fear. The thoughts that go “What if i fail?” it’s okay to have these thoughts but by no means let them keep you from taking the step forward to your desire. As a wise man once said “You miss a 100 percent of the shots you don’t take”

Courtesy Kiki Ramsey.com (13 things that can keep you from the success you desire))


9) You refuse to let go: Perhaps you have been moving forward to your goals but on the way made a big mistake. Beating yourself up with mistakes made will not help your journey. Mistakes aren’t things to throw yourself under the bus for but things to learn from. So take the lesson, let go and move on. Better awaits you


10) You keep making excuses: “I can’t have that because….” “I can’t achieve that because…” Dear reader make up your mind on what you want and go for it with what you have at the moment. If there are things that you lack that are essential for the journey then take steps to acquire them. Let what you lack inspire rather than deter you


11) You pay no mind to your gut: Our gut (or intuition) is a vital part of making decisions. Sometimes things might look right on the surface (perfect even) but there is no settled feeling within. It’s wise to hold up making a decision till things are clearer.

gut (13 things that can keep you from the success you desire)


12) You over complicate things: Simplify things by simply focusing on what you can do right now! your business isn’t with what you can do later. No! What can you do now? See that and attend to it and things will open up


13) You’re waiting for permission: The only person who decides whether you succeed or fail is you. It isn’t your government, it isn’t your mother and it isn’t your friends. So write your own permission and go for your dreams


You have never needed their permission - meme


So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we love and believe in you.

Go and succeed!

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