200K+ Member Facebook Food Community Gets Hijacked by Greedy Admin; Original Owners Now Back in Charge

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya - BANNER
Photo credit - SYTYCC Group Member - Iyabo Adeline Lawani

Ugh. The gall of this dirty, thieving human right here! What part of “It’s not yours” is he struggling with, I wonder?

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya

A 200K+ strong Facebook community ‘So You Think You Can Cook‘ that focuses on Nigerian food was hijacked today by one of its eleven group administrators. He banned all of them, including the group’s original creators, and assumed sole responsibility as it seems he was dissatisfied with the fact that the other admins were not ready to take the group down an advert-laden or commercial path.

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya 1

Franklin Awodiya, a self-proclaimed chef (but for purposes of clarity, we will now be referring to as ‘Usurper’), was made an admin soon after he joined 11 months ago as, according to group owner, Kemi Adeniyi Kale, he came highly recommended by now perplexed co-admin, Bola Coker.

It would seem that almost immediately after receiving admin privileges, Awodiya started to press for monetising the group as he felt that the gold mine the group was sitting on was being wasted. This did not sit well with other admin members who felt that it was departing from the ethos of the group. Kale now states that although she never though he would act the way he did in revoking the membership of the other co-admins, including hers and Ms Coker’s, in hindsight, she should have paid more attention as his pressure to monetise the group mounted over the months.

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya 2

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya 3

The bold and daring decision came when he removed and blocked every single co-admin and threw the group into chaos for a few hours and no-one knew what was happening. The founding members rallied amazingly quickly and formed So You Think You Can Cook. Food Redefined! and proceeded to start the arduous task of adding members from the old group.

Finally, a co-admin finally made the savvy move of contacting him, pretending to be on the same page with him concerning monetisation. The ‘Food Anini‘ quickly added her back as a co-admin upon which she promptly blocked him. Ha!

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya 4

All is well once again in the world of food, and I can once again go back to perving over the food pics on that page. Oh, I didn’t mention? I’ve been a voyeur member for about 2 years now. Yum.

SYTYCC - Franklin Awodiya 5

You can read his sorry explanation here, but I could summarise it for you: “Waaah! Waaah!! Waaaah!!!”

Dear SYTYCC Members,

I’d like you to read this carefully and feel free to ask me questions afterwards. Please do not post nasty comments as this is not intended to be something that will get anyone angry. As I am currently the only admin of SYTYCC, I’d like to clarify some things. As some of you might know, there were 11 admins carrying out the following tasks:
‱ Approving new members
‱ Approving posts
‱ Dealing with rude comments / members
‱ Ensuring peace and harmony in the group
‱ Some admin members (I am one) are food bloggers so we post
quite often and share food recipes. The founder of this group for those that do not know is Bola Coker.

She was in charge when I joined as a member and she made me an admin member due to my positive contributions. At the time, there were serious issues / politics among the admins and when Bola had enough she removed herself completely and she asked Kemi Adeniyi Kale who she regarded as a sister to take lead. I personally put in a lot of hours on a daily basis carrying out the tasks above. Now this is where the problem started.

As you can tell, the group is growing rapidly. Since my time here, I noticed there are a lot local business owners that offer catering services, sell home appliances and so on.
A lot of people try to show case their businesses with telephone numbers and emails but we delete it each time. I gave a suggestion that it’s a good idea to help members with businesses that are willing to advertise on here and get potential customers. Most of SYTYCC members are based in Nigeria and there are many with nice businesses. Kemi said no to the idea.

We got approached by big businesses like for adverts but she kept blocking them out with no explanation or regard for questions. While I appreciate Kemi was an admin, I worked harder and did more than her. Cooking, taking pictures, writing recipes is not a 5 mins or 1 day job. I do this time and time again. I am passionate about cooking and I joined this group with a free mind. As members, it is impossible for you to see the mess that was going on in the background. Couple of days back, argument started in the Admin chat simply because Kemi wanted to stop SYTYCC members from meeting outside the group. I disagreed and said people on here are adults and they are free to meet, cook, and connect with themselves if they want to.

She said they will damage the name of this group and I got angry. I asked in what way will meeting with friends damage this group? She and others joined forces and said I was arrogant and if I am unhappy with the group, I can leave. My position is we need to work together as a team, leave out the politics and most importantly show love and regard for group members and not just deleting and banning them as if you’re GOD.

I won’t mention names but we had admin member who was jealous of certain group members who were posting regularly and this admin will deliberately delete the members post. Kemi say this but looked the other way on numerous occasions. While I’d like to remove the people who I see as bad eggs, sadly facebook group currently doesn’t have the option that lets me remove some, keep some and allow them some admin access while I protect my account. I was left with no option but to remove all 10.

Some might look at this as harsh but I can assure you this wasn’t done over one little misunderstanding. Kemi and the rest have formed a new group which I don’t have a problem with but they are indulging in defamation of character by lying to people that I simply plotted to keep the group for personal gain and this was my intention from day one.

It’s amazing how people will tell stories and leave out the true account of their wrong doings. In closing, I give you my word that I will work with members of this group to carrying on making this platform a hub of lovely food recipes, a learning centre and most especially a platform with built build business as well as personal relationships if you choose to.

I will remain the only Admin for now but will soon introduce few changes and updates that will improve everyone’s overall experience. I am not a 419 and have never scammed anyone. Before joining this group I built my food channel on Youtube: www.youtube.com/nigerianfoodchannel with hardwork and passion for food. It currently has nearly 10,000 subscribers and I didn’t steal from anyone. As stated earlier, please ask questions and I will do my very best to answer adequately.

Best Regards,
Franklin Awodiya

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