4 lessons a Nigerian mum will teach you


Nigerian mums are wonderful! Just wonderful! Very very wonderful!

Living with a Naija mum is going to leave you with many lessons that will shape your life in all sorts of ways and today we are going to examine a few of them. So without further ado, we are Viva Naija and here are 4 lessons a Nigerian mum will teach you

1) Sign Language

The Nigerian mum does not need to open her mouth to express herself all the time. She has a face that speaks volumes so why bother telling  Junior to stop making that racket when a good “I will kill you if I hear kpim again” stare will do the job? Saves energy and is twice as effective too!

Nigerian mum

2) Keeping “secrets”

A Naija woman will teach you that loose lips sink ships. So never reveal whatever good thing is happening in your life lest you lose it. Are you about to travel somewhere? Let no one hear about it till you arrive at your destination! Are you pregnant? No one should hear until you are at least 8 months due! Did you just get a promotion? Start work in the new job first before you tell anyone o!

Nigerian mum
If I hear “kpim”

3) Burns

Forget all these twitter children of anger! Naija mums are the crème da la crème when it comes to clapbacks and burns of laive. Naija Mums and dishing out Ela are like 5 and 6 o!

Nigerian mum

4) Guilt tripping

Naija mum’s have no chill! After all the sacrifice they have put into raising your ass, you will now not do what they want you to do? You go hear am! From the way you suffered them when you were in their belly all the way down to the glass trinket you broke last week, you will hear it all and when you can’t stand it any longer, you will obey. Life with a Nigerian mum is to earn a veritable PH.D in the art of guilt tripping

Nigerian mum

So that’s our list? Did we miss any out? What other lessons will Nigerian mums teach you? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we love you

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