4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs #WorldJollofRiceDay

Jollof Rice Fron Nigeria

Today is World Jollof Rice Day. A day that many Nigerians believe should actually be called Nigerian Rice day because let’s be honest, does jollof rice really exist anywhere else? Just in case the word “Ghana” popped up in your heads:

nigerian jollof vs gahana jollof (4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs World Jollof Rice Day)
Nuff said


We Nigerians utterly excel at making this amazingly sumptuous dish. We practically wrote the recipe on “Jollof Rice” making.Don’t believe us? Well we are Viva Naija and here are 4 reasons that Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs

1) It is absolutely delicious:

What other kind of Jollof rice is so well seasoned and prepared that every bite leaves tongues screaming hallelujah and will have you digging into plate until every last grain is gone? It is Nigerian Jollof! And to think the Japanese think they know what tasty rice is. Hmmmmmm… na so

jollofa (4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs World Jollof Rice Day)
Nigerian Jollof Rice is the only Jollof Rice. Argue with your pot of beans

2) It is sheer art

Nigerian jollof rice making is an art form. It is sheer perfection in simplicity and it is takes real culinary skills to make it. Anything else na concotion.

Nigerian jollof rice
Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud!

Having an event that is dullsville? Introduce Nigerian Jollof rice into the mix and see if things dont kick into over drive! Having a party that is already rocking? Well add Nigerian Jollof rice to settle it the matter!

jollof rice being made (4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs World Jollof Rice Day)
Happiness ensues at parties whenever this is seen

4) It has international endorsements!

Fergie and Keri Hilson both pledged their allegiance to Nigerian Jollof Rice after one serving of it. Just one serving and they knew what had been absent from their lives all this time. Take a look at Keri Hilson’s testimony!

keri Hilson on Naija jollof rice ( 4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs #World Jollof Rice Day)
Notice how she is aware that the only way for her to have Jollof is right here in Nigeria?

Well with this list, we hope that we have been able to convince you and convince you as to why Nigerian Jollof rice is amazeballs and just in case the word “Ghana” is still on your minds we leave you with this:

nigerian jollof (4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs World Jollof Rice Day)
No controversy…

We are Viva Naija and we wish you a Happy World Jollof Rice Day

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