5 kinds of people you will meet at a Lagos party


Lagosians love to party. They love to party hard and as a result every weekend is jam packed with all sorts of parties which are in turn jam packed with all sorts of people. If you are a regular at such parties then you are likely to spot a recurring set of people who add all sorts of  distinct flavours to the celebrations. We are Viva Naija and here are 5 kinds of people you will meet at a Lagos Party

1) The Gate Crasher aka “Mo Gbo Mo Ya”

As with most Lagos parties, attendance is strictly by invitation but when has that stopped some Lagosians? This set of people make it their duty to be a part of the celebration even though they were not invited and/or have zero knowledge of who is celebrating what and why. Undeterred by security, they find their way in and mingle with the other guests. You might imagine that they’ll be shabbily dressed miscreants and thus easy to spot, but alas! They come in all shades, shapes and sizes. Some of them can be the better dressed than you sef.


2) The selfie freaks

These ones can be seeing taking pictures (mostly selfies) from the beginning of proceedings to the very end. With a power bank at the ready, their camera phones are guaranteed to never stop flashing.From selfies with the celebrant to a quick Instagram video of them and others burning up the dance floor, the celebrant(s) need not fear their party lapsing into obscurity as these people are perfectly effective paparazzi.

And you don’t have to pay them a dime either!!!

3) The Dance Machines aka the “Ko Mo Le” Crew

Every party is an excuse to put on and burn several holes in their dancing shoes. All the latest dance steps are at their finger tips and they are ready to switch moves at a drop of a beat. They are an awesome sight to see!


4) The “I just came for number 7”

These ones are here for just the food. The only thing that attracts them to these parties is the promise of all sorts of delicious meals and boy will they dig in! From the Jollof rice, to the pounded yam, to the small chops, to the sharwama, these ones are here to consume and will love every minute of it

But then again with such delicious food available can you really blame them?

5) The pick pockets

These ones are here to help themselves… to your phones, wallets, purses and whatever they can get their hands on. Lagos Parties are a red hot hunting ground for them and they will mingle and mingle until they spot some unguarded bag or phone and quickly make off with it. So please if you are attending a Lagos party, do yourself a favour and shine your eyes and keep your stuff where you can see them because if you don’t:


E fit be you o!

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? What other kinds of people will you find at a Lagos Party? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and you know we got nothing but love for ya!

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