5 ways to figure out what you want to do with your life


Dear reader, what is it that you want to do with your life? That question is quite frightening to a number of people. Lord knows there are many who have been in this world for decades and still have no answer to that. Well today we are here to give you a helping hand on your way to your life’s passion. We are Viva Naija and here are 5 ways to figure out what you want to do with your life

1) Relax and realise that it is normal not knowing right now:

Look, no one is born with a clear cut blueprint about why they are here and what they are going to do but everyone has the chance to discover it. Some will find it out in their pre-teen years and some much later. So no matter where you are at the moment or what age you are, relax and breathe. It is okay.

Breathe brother. Smile sister

2) Be willing to try different things:

The road to discovering your life’s purpose isn’t always clear cut. There may be many things that interest you at the moment and that’s perfectly fine. Awesome, even. Take your time with each of them and see. Experience is a vital way in discovering what you want to do with your life. So do not hold back. Explore!

3) Take a good look at your life:

Look at your life closely and ask yourself questions. What is it that you love to do? What is it that you find yourself doing without being forced? Think about those things that you look forward to doing when you wake up in the morning. What is it that you are willing to give up eating (and even sleeping) for? These are vital questions in discovering what you want to do with your life.

Is this what you really want to be doing? Is this what you’re best at? Do you yearn for other opportunities?

4) Consider those you admire in life:

Think about the people that you look up to and why. What are they doing? Think about what it is that you respect about them. What can you learn from them?  Added to this, you could try reaching out to those you admire and ask to be an understudy if possible and if not, reading as much as you can about them is just as good. Most of the people I admired growing up were comedians, writers and preachers. Digging deep into their lives was a major part in helping me realise that I wanted to spend my life writing and speaking.

Tony Robbins, best-selling writer, speaker and focal point in the docu-movie “I am not your guru”. I reeeeally admire him!

5) What is that you DO NOT want to do:

Knowing what you do not want is important in figuring out what you do want. So make a list of what you do not want to do with your life. List those things you despise and would rather chew your arm off than spend the rest of your life doing. When it concerns your life’s passion, knowing what it aint is vital in knowing what it is

Make that list!

So that’s our list. Did we miss anything out? What other ways can a person figure out what he/she wants do in life? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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