#5kBae, famzing brands and an apology from Ibadan’s #KeepTheChangeBae

#KeepTheChangeBae - Twitter -1

I yam not understanding ooh, this recession will not allow person to shine in peace again. You must have been living under a rock to not know about #5kBae aka #KeepTheChangeBae aka Miss Moshiku. Some dude thought he would put her on blast by stating that he took her for a date and she refused to put out. At this moment, the burial plot has been picked and we think…lilies perhaps for the wreath? Because this queen of queens made an itemised billing of man’s expenditure and gave this young man T-Fare because fierce.

#KeepTheChangeBae - Twitter -1

Apparently @PabloAyodeji thought he was the alpha and omega that can never be turned down. Well, he wasn’t just turned down, he was annihilated and served a full glass of whooping and chill-deficient battery. You think it is by force for a girl to date you just because she agreed to eat out with you? I don’t even understand these boys again ooo. You did not only think money (ordinary N3800) is heaven, you think every girl can be bought with a plate of food. Miss Moshiku schooled him and schooled him well.

Let’s not forget at this point that sometime during the whole fracas our “Baba for the girls” actually had his username as “Birthday Boy” and swiftly wiped that off to quietly sneak in as “Apologetic Ayo”.

No! Just kuku kee me, why did twitter allow children to be opening account upandan? Eehn? Mummy e wa wo n tomo yin fi data shey ooo.

I just love @missmoshiku and whatever genes she carries. Her smooth clap back is one in a million. Twitter may never witness such poise and grace again but what da hell, let us famz the girl while it lasts ojare.

Just a few minutes oooo, these brand people will not even allow the girl breathing space.  They are all over her like vultures! They’re famzing the girl to death! Who won’t want to join and share the spotlight? Twitter has gone rogue, chills have been murdered and the blood on these Twitter streets have never been this red.

I don’t blame @FirstBank @ICONOREOLUWA and other brands for famzing this twitter queen, the one I cannot understand is @WemaBank and their old unrepentant archaic service delivery.


Needless to say, “Apologetic Ayo” simply had to apologise. There was entirely too much backlash for him to not bow to the pressure and he did so most gallantly.

#KeepTheChange - #5kBae - apology

#KeepTheChange - #5kBae - apology 2

But not before hurting Ibadan with his misbehaviour:

See ehn. The girl won. Hands down. This geh will #KeepTheChange over and over again. Nansense and Wema Bank.

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