7 ways to get the best out of your generator

Getting the best out of your generator

I was sitting at home, enjoying Game of Thrones on my laptop when those PHCN people struck again. Ayam tayad. Not just because I have to go and turn on the gen, but the actual idea of getting out of bed. Also means the AC now won’t work. What is this life sef? Just tayad. Anyway, if you’re like me and have to rely on your generator most of the time,you’ll want to know how to go about getting the best out of your generator. So let’s go!


I am one of those who feels that Solar energy is the way but I am well aware that it costs quite a bundle and will take time to acquire. As a result most will have to settle (for the moment) with the age old, tried and faithful warhorse, the generator. The generator has been a source of comfort for many a Naija home over the years but as with every piece of machinery, the way you handle it will determine if you enjoy every second of it or curse its purchase. We want you to have the former. So without further ado, we are Viva Naija and here are 7 ways to get the best out of your generator

1) Out to buy a generator? Be aware of your electricity needs:

If you require a 5KVA gen for your needs, buying a 3KVA gen will do you no good. You may save money in the short term but by the time the gen starts coughing na your wallet go hear am

2) Just because it says 7KVA does not mean it is 7KVA:

My people there are some sharp (and sad) men in the market o! Men that will acquire 3 KVA generators and with a little paint and design magic brand and price them as 7KVA generators. You with your cash and your-village Airforce-is-on-your-case head will now go and buy it, put it on and will now be wondering why the generator keeps knocking. Plix know where you are getting your generators from o!

Getting the best out of your generator

3) Before you turn on the gen don’t just check the fuel level, check the oil as well:

As important as petrol or diesel (if you are balling) the oil in the gen is just as important and if you neglect this, your generator might end up developing unnecessary faults later on. So biko check it and oh yes also be sure to keep an eye out for fuel leaks

4) A generator (unfortunately) is NOT a replacement for steady electricity so let it rest:

See eh! I know. There is no light! and as a result, some of us have our gens running almost 24/7 but unfortunately generators (especially the ones being made these days) are not built for such a workload. Putting it on overnight might make you forget the blackout blues and allow you to kewe your spouse under A.C. but it will shorten the life of that generator. So biko, turn it off. Love the rechargeable lamps and fans.

5) If you have just turned off your gen. Do NOT immediately refill it:

This one is tragedy waiting to happen o! Fire no dey send your fine face. Leave the generator to cool down for a bit before you start refilling it. Before something happens and your fine face is turned into something that looks like melted wax

6) Service! Service! Service!!

Scheduling a monthly or bi-monthly servicing of your generator is not optional it is mandatory! Your generator needs some TLC too. Skipping this might save you some bucks but it will come back to bite you in the ass very very soon. God help you if that time is when your English club is playing or maybe when you bring one bae that you have been struggling to toast since and suddenly when things are about getting steamy, light go just off. CHAI! TRAGIC!!!

Getting the best out of your generator


7) Learn when to let go:

See ehn, unlike before, the generators they make these days are not as strong and with the way we use them, it is most likely that your generator will be ready for retirement within a year or two. So keep that in mind as you use it and be prepared to either shell out some well saved money for a new one or be prepared to patch patch patch patch patch until you are fed up and you buy another one

So with these 7 points of mine we hope that we’ve been able to enlighten you a bit and . So kindly join us in saying a big thank you to this work of electronic art that has practically kept the Nigerian economy running

“Jah bless the generator!”


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