Abuse and heartbreak as a test of true love? Do not EVER accept it!

Love Doesn't Hurt

As a general rule, regardless of how “low” or lacking you may feel or actually be in terms of finance, education, style or whatever else, DO NOT let anyone treat you like trash. Never allow it for any reason. There is is also nothing like testing, to see if you will be humble, pray and swallow it, either. That is stupid, ungodly and downright insulting.

Love is meant to make you happy and blossom. Your heart and spirit are meant to feel light and free. Your eyes shine, your skin glows, you feel on top of the world. If all you are getting is beat downs, abuse and insults, I suggest you take a trip back home. Let that mess of a person get their life in order and leave you out of their confusion and foolishness.

Enough of the lies and stupid stories about such things. What is bad is bad and we need to start telling ourselves the truth. The people encouraging this foolishness would not stand for it, if they or their own siblings were on the receiving end, so why should you?

If your relationship is having trouble, let it be because of the normal or sometimes big issues we all have and not because someone thinks you are a punching bag or their dustbin they can throw trash in and call it testing or normal trouble. That is NOT normal. That is how you break people and love will not break you.

Your Value Does Not Decrease

Get things in perspective and value yourself. Even if you are a person with a good educational background, have a job and everything is OK it is makes no sense for someone to want to degrade and ruin you to test if you are humble enough to take it, and thus be seen as worthy of marriage. That is damn insulting and anyone making such asinine comments deserves single-hood as a reward with some slaps alongside it. Regular ones, in fact.

The idea behind love is to be built up, become better and do the same for someone else, not to become dust. In case you forgot or didn’t notice, no one likes dust. They sweep it away and its gone. Your life is worth infinitely more than that. It is time many of you ladies and gents (the ladies, especially) start seeing it that way.

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  1. Never accept it, unless if you have low self-esteem. There are certain category of people whose speciality is treating people like dirt. We should be on the watch out for them. Psychologists believe that though these people appear normal, they suffer from a mental disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

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