Accept results, Obasanjo tells winners, losers

Obasanjo - Nigerian elections

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo on Saturday advised winners of the presidential and the National Assembly elections to show magnanimity in victory, saying losers should also accept defeat.

The former President said,   “In any competition, there will always be winners and losers. That is what anybody in any competition must be prepared for as a good sportsman. Whoever that wins should show magnanimity. If I lose, I will also bow down graciously. That is what any competition is all about.

“If your purpose of going for any competition is that you must win at all costs, then that is no longer a competition. I know INEC will make amends for the shortcomings ahead of the next elections.”

Obasanjo arrived at Ward 11, Unit 22, Olusomi Compound, Totoro Road, Sokori, Abeokuta North Local Government Area, in a black Lexus Jeep marked AAD 24 TF (Ogun), at 11:10am and cast his votes at 11:15am.

He however, spoke on the challenge he encountered at his polling unit over the delay in getting the election materials available.

He said, “I am here to perform my civic duty and cast my votes. I believe, in my in polling centre, there was a little delay.

“The election materials arrived late. Voting was delayed by three hours, which can be accommodated. Other than that, the process is going smoothly.

“I went through the process. They put my PVC in the card reader. Then, they have a bit of problems sorting my thumb print. When they were able to sort it out, they made me to go through the process of voting.


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