Adamawa North Senator Elisha Abbo Must Face The Law for Abuja Shop Assault!

Adamawa Senator Elisha Abbo - Feature

In this country, embarrassment is never far away from our daily news, is it? Now we can hardly go a single week without reading some embarrassing news or the other. Just watch how a Nigerian Senator, Elisha Abbo, representing Adamawa North Senatorial district,  physically assaulted a lady in an adult shop in Abuja, even in the presence of Nigerian police who did nothing other than take orders from the abusive senator:

Abeg when things go beta? What is even the definition of leadership in this country? What have we done to deserve all this?

The senator who was apparently unhappy with one of the ladies in the shop, was irked by the response of another lady who was asking him to calm down. He began to hit the woman in the face, and shouting “You are very stupid,” and then ordering a policeman who did not intervene, to arrest the lady. And the ‘zombie’ did just that.

In Nigeria, democracy is government on the people, on the people and on the people.

My people, I don’t have much to say today. I’m actually tired of seeing all this in our news. I just hope justice prevails this time. Elisha Abbo must face the law. Not the leave of absence that these leaders are now doing o. He must serve time for this public assault and outrage.

I hope all Nigerians cry out against this despicable act of one who is supposed to be leading by example. This country is in a mess, let’s do what we can to make things better.

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