Adeosun, Finance Commissioners release conditions for government bail out


As every state has declared itself broke and in need of government bail out, the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, has met with the thirty-six commissioners of finance and a list of conditions for being eligible for the bail out has subsequently been released. They include the following amongst others:

  1. Every state government MUST enrol into the Treasury Single Account scheme (TSA) with the CBN.
  2. Every State government MUST complete Technology Driven Biometric Capturing of all employees on govt payroll.
  3. Every State government MUST cut the cost of running governance in each state and reduce the number of their political appointees! Hahahaha – this should be good!
  4. Every state government must sign an agreement for Federal Government Ministry of Finance and ICPC routine audit.

Any State Government that feel they have “strong head” can as well seek non-transparent bail out loan elsewhere?


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  1. please, please read between the lines before you conclude… she is still referred to as minister, the commissioners not commissioner are the 36 States commissioners of finance!

  2. When will we learn in this country? The bail out that was given before what did states like osun,imo,ekiti,ondo,bayelsa etc do wth it?nothing!my people has an adage teach me how to catch fish and forget giving me fish always.

  • Mr Nwobu charlse u are correct. But let’s look it dis way. If government insist on not given d bail out d state civil servant will suffer and dia governors will waste d bail out funds. So federal government should still coming and way to control d excess of dis governors is tru d TSA. And later wen state servant have being settle and d hunger in d land has being reduced to bearest minimum those governors can be investigated. Or wat do u think

  • My brother i understand your views bt the first bail out fund how was it utilised and what was done to the defaulting states like imo,osun etc.why is the FG keeping quiet bc some of the states are APC controlled states so who is fooling who??

  • These states are beginning to irritate our sensibility as a collective ppl,did all their accts just go dry overnight or its now a new trend to get bailouts?wen d going was good,nobody chose to save,now its 36 children running to daddy for candy anytime dey hungry,wen Okonjo said we had xyz amount in foreign reserves and shud save for a day wen d wells will dry up,state governors strangled her and implemented the den PDP slogan,”share the money”now look at it today,we are beggers in our own fathers house,I always say der is no bad or poor country,its bad managers who transform and translate bad policies dat affect us.ngwanu na make we dey chop am na till d day we go and ATM will say insufficient funds bfr shakara go end

  • Yu need to know dat what goes around comes around now those who tut dat to govern is easy have to see dai it is not so well for d sake of poor masses let it b given now we dat our so called governors are empty barrels no ideas how to generate money o mase o

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