What is Africa’s role in the IT explosion?

Africa and IT

Africa and IT

Back in the day, when I was a fresher in university, information was so scarce and our library had thousands of archaic books.

It cost an arm, a leg and a soul to acquire the latest publications of medical books, and our sponsors literally bled to assist us in our quest for knowledge.

I remember those 3 inch floppy drives that held 1.44MB of data each, and could malfunction if not protected like a hen’s egg.

Cyber cafes made a killing charging hourly rates, as we had no option but to use expensive Internet services.

Very few of those business people allowed students to save information to external media. It made more business sense getting everyone to print whatever they downloaded right there at the cafe. See as boys and gals dey hoard their info those days. Smh

Nowadays, we carry pocket computers that can store up to 128 Gigabytes of data. OTG flash drives even plug into smartphones as removable storage, the way older flash memory was used in laptop and desktop computers.

Who saves Web pages these says? LOL
Monthly Internet rates are no longer cut throat.
Everyone now has a voice.
Government makes public announcements on social media.

But many times I wonder: what has Africa contributed to the massive technological advancement of the last 10 years, other than being a major consumer of US, European and Asian innovations?

Even as oil prices tumble to the abyss, our political leaders believe that excavating the ground to extract more natural resources is a good plan for the next decade.

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