As Alicia Keys goes make-up free, could YOU do it? Show us your pics!


In a bid to shun the intense pressure put on women to be a conventional type of beautiful and simply perfect, Alicia Keys has chosen to stop wearing make-up and to present her face to the world, flaws and all.


I really feel like this is a powerful message to send, particularly now that make-up is no longer merely skin deep and women are taking to drastic methods such as bleaching and plastic surgery to achieve these ever-elusive idylls of beauty.

I will say this though – Alicia Keys is drop-dead beautiful. She also has a feature I find particularly alluring in black women – freckles. Am I that beautiful? I don’t think so. Will I be joining this “Fashi Foundation” and “Lose the Lipstick” revolution? Errr…I sincerely doubt it.


That’s because I’ve never lost sight of what make-up is about and for: it is to enhance and not to conceal the natural beauty. I do not contour or shade. It takes me no more than 10 minutes a day to put on my entire make-up regimen, and if I’m not going out or further than my high street, I go entire days without it.

I think those new before and after shots that Nigerian makeup artists are up to these days are gangster and borderline dangerous – some bride is gonna find herself on the wrong side of a lawyer’s table for fraud one of these days if y’all keep messing with these MUAs, but a little lip gloss? A tiny little flick of mascara or a nicely trimmed eyebrow something so you’re not out here looking like a werewolf? I think these things do wonders for the female ego.

Can you see what these MUAs are doing? Ees eet good?
Can you see what these MUAs are doing? Ees eet good?


Bridal makeup artist

As with all things, moderation is the key and a strong awareness of who you are and what you wish to present to the world must be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Otherwise you will find yourself in a vortex of inadequacy, needing more and more to meet a standard that does not really exist.

That’s me, though. What do you think? Could you go without make-up? DO you frequently go without make-up? Would you care to show your pictures on here? Let’s see you do your stuff!

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  1. Shout out to the natural beauties out there! If I went without makeup, I’m sure people would stop me as I walk past to ask if I am ill 🙂 Okay truthfully I don’t over do it, at least a little lipstick and I definitely have to outline the rest of my brows as I was blessed with only a few strands that stop only halfway through my brows…so i gotta draw the rest on!

    And on the subject of make-up artists, why on earth would I ever allow anyone put my before and after pictures that look like two different people together? I agree they do a great job, however, it sometimes makes the original you look uglier than you really are! Hian!

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