On Audu: Quit the ‘philosophical’ yarn, take cue and get a health-check!


We Nigerians are funny, you can’t beat the volatility of our penchant for self-righteousness. We hear Death, and suddenly, we all become Aristotle. Chai!

Since news broke about the sudden death of Abubakar Audu, who was until his bucket-kicking was almost declared the Governor of Kogi State, the social media has been awash with many wry theories about the cause of his death.

Some people immediately remembered their PhDs in Philosophy and posted their rants of wisdom about death. Shocking enough, some said his death is an answer to the “fall down and die” prayers of the “Saints” praying against corruption in Nigeria. The funniest one I saw was an allegation that Audu died due to an overdose of BDSM… (haba! smh). Allegations that he was poisoned also got rife.

Abubakar Audu pictured with latest, now widowed bride. …????

On the flip side, this actually led me to look into this whole thing from another vantange.

Abubakar Audu was a known hypertensive and has been reported to have died of a badly-managed high blood pressure, that led to the acute stroke and massive heart attack that eventually seized his life. So, No, nor be “thunder fire am“.

Audu died of a clinical condition that kills and can kill both ‘bad and good’, corrupt and non-corrupt, fine and ‘ugly’ people, especially in a largely underdeveloped Nigeria; hence, a need to develop a culture of getting proactive with health on a timely basis, instead of suddenly getting Aristotlean when death happens.

Life is fleeting, we all know that; but, what we refuse to acknowledge is the utmost need undergo health-checks from time to time, while hinging it on the “no-time” cliché….and that’s actually commonizing carelessness and fast-forwarding life’s fleetness.

Truth is, the draconian measures set for survival and living in Nigeria do not really encourage healthy living and health-consciousness, but, it is not enough reason to get non-chalant about getting informed about one’s health status….Tan fe’ku. ..who wan die na?

On the life, times and death of Abubakar Audu, I choose to “comment my reserve” for now, but, if you are especially close to or above 40, go check your heart…in fact, check everything! Fortunately, some of these health-checks only cost a pittance and wouldn’t really cost a thing compared to the worth in the while.

Stop talking “Greek”,  go check thyself people!







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