Australian Open Final: Venus vs Serena – 4 things I learnt

Serena be Venus

It was amazing watching Venus Williams (36) play against her sister, Serena Williams (35), at the final of the 2017 Australian Open. The class on show was almost visible to the blind as the two sisters matched each other slam for slam. Serena made terrific history by winning at the end, her 23rd grand slam title, but here are some 4 things I learnt watching the Williams sisters deliver a Melbourne masterpiece.

1. Always Severe Emotions away from Your Efforts While at Work.

Serena vs Venus

This is probably a prime characteristic of professionalism in any field one chooses to serve, the ability to “easily” severe any emotion(s) that can betray productivity from one’s effort. I mean, these two are blood sisters, but for the entire span of play, you could see in their eyes how focused they were on glory; one, Venus, came with grit, the other, Serena, with grunt, to both gun for glory. In short, no serenren nor smeh-smeh, just battle. It’s quite common in our clime down here to get tempted and overcome with smeh-smeh emotions, when we find ourselves mixing our work, be it a 9-5 or personal business, with relations, either nuclear or distant. And, while this has been the Achilles heel to many businesses, it has been the outright death to many entrepreneurial berths. Dear brethren, know this – to Good Success, sentimental and ‘betrayer’ emotions are a collective Uche, it doesn’t look at his face. SELAH

2. Learn to be Graceful, and conserve energy

I don’t think anyone is born with the ability to be graceful, I believe it’s a consciouly-acquired trait, done over a period of time as a man grows. It’d be hard not to notice the copious amount of gracefulness that oozed back and forth between the William sisters, both before and after their match. The way they talked about each other, the simple, smoothe and sincere manner and mode of the talk, plus the mutual respect on a display, all depicted deep-seated gracefulness, in fact, you wouldn’t believe they were the ones who just hit the ball hard to an average 140km/h. And there’s this thing I’ve learnt and what’s important about learning to be graceful – it helps to conserve energy for worthy and productive causes that end up giving meaning to life and living. You just tend to ooze positive energy that fits for beta thing only, you’d seldom have time for anything otherwise that ends up draining you.

3. In order to last long and appreciably, don’t be a lone-ranger, have a team you constantly appreciate and reference. This fits a lot for entrepreneurs.  Serena is 35 and still winning like kilode, and I don’t think it’s because others do not have a team that helps them too, but, I noticed the “little things”, those little things that matter and that are quite relative to respective setups. Little things you’d have to decipher yourself. To achieve longetivity in whatever deed of choice, you can’t afford to form Rambo or Van Damme, one needs a team that is well-oiled for functionality with the “little things”, else, you’d run out of steam and either tire or wear-out before the home-stretch.

4. Compete to against yourself to stay winning within.

In her acceptance speech, Serena asked the audience to applaud Venus for staging “a wonderful comeback”, but, she corrected herself and again requested that the audience applaud Venus for having “never left” and for “always being a champion”. And indeed, Venus never left, anyone who follows the sport knows she’s always been around, despite the early tournament exits she experienced in recent years. That she got to the final at this year’s first grand slam is quite inspiring and definitely shows that she does compete against herself, winning within. This is another cue I believe can help any and every individual, entrepreneurs mostly, who desires productivity and longevity against the gradient of odds. I mean, Venus is just 4 years short of 40 mehnnn, you too check am na. …there must be some self-conquest ongoing within to ensure staying encouraged and refreshed.

I saw and took many other valuable cues from that final match that saw the two halves of the women tennis dynasty matched as one, but these 4 cues above rang loudest to me.

In the end, they both won.

Venus vs serena

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