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Determined not brave. Courageous only when it counts. Killer sense of humour (seriously I could make jokes about killers with weird noses), rib-crackingly funny (confirmed by various rip roaring laughter from cohorts), would you believe there’s a part of me that is shy to boot? Truly if you could see into my weird mind and survive; then we are soul mates to the end (I have a few soulmates, but it’s still a special thing). The written word and I have a love affair, one I hope culminates in the birth of published books (I’ll keep you apprised of the relationship developments). Live long and eat cake….
Funmi Iyanda - In Conversations With My Mother

Oya Chronicles: In Conversation with My Mother by Funmi Iyanda – Abimbola Onimole

So did you die? Funmi Iyanda’s “In Conversation with My Mother” started with these words. From that moment, I was transfixed. I entered a world serene, anguished and intimate; beautifully so actually. Funmi Iyanda’s dialogue...