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Ola Animashaun

A lawyer, a connoisseur of common sense and right judgement, Mr Animashaun is our able LAW. None is safe from his moral or legal compass!

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Just crossed my mind that democracy and liberalism are actually strange to what I will call, for want of a better description “naked human nature” typically exhibited mostly by men. Democracy essentially requires sharing...

The Fraud Called Federalism in Nigeria

Nigeria’s problem is not just about the rule of law alone, which is sometimes defined as due process and equality of every citizen under the law. The problem is beyond the rule of law....
Buhari picking his teeth

In Nigeria – A Leadership That Consumes Citizens by Ola Animashaun

The Buhari administration came to power in May 2015. Before the 2015 general elections, Buhari had contested the presidency three times, before being fourth time lucky. Buhari had also been a military head of...
Ikorodu town

Badoo boys throw my Ikorodu into hullabaloo

I well remember the Ikorodu of my youth - of plantains fried in red oil and wrapped with leaves, of akaraoka and mashed beans, of goats playing on crumbling alapa (mud) walls, of roasted...
Muhammadu Buhari

Power for grabs as President Buhari remains absent

Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria in early May for medical treatment in the United Kingdom. Since his departure, Nigerians and majority of people at the helms of affairs have not heard from him....

Donald Trump and the Promise of Change

The Promise of Change: Many are still stunned around the world at the outcome of American presidential elections. Against all odds, the impossible became improbable and the improbable became a surreal reality, with many...

On the DSS and the abduction of Nigeria’s supreme court justices

It is now crystal clear that we are living under the jackboots. They were abducted in Gestapo like manner, like fugitives hiding from the law. Not even under Abacha were things done this brazenly....
Nigerian election

Musings on Nigeria’s electoral system

If anybody tells you votes count in Nigeria, believe it the same way you'll believe being told fish fall from the sky. Every four years or thereabout, Nigerians go through the ritual of elections...
Muhammad Buhari - President of Nigeria

The North: Nigeria’s major rent seekers

"Even more disturbing, one might have thought that an abundance of resources could be used to help the poor, to ensure access to education and health care for all. Taxing work and savings can...
©Getty Images|Black men crying

In this time of turmoil and violence, remember #NigerianLivesShouldMatter too

While commiserating with blacks in America who at best live 'half a life', with high possibility of being shot dead by white cops for selling CDs or a 'busted' tail light or for even...