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Wanja? You don't know Wanja?? Where have you been hiding? Under a rock? This Kenyan brain spits everyday living and lifestyle truth and and wisdom through the veneer of humour, wit and sarcasm. You will be drawn in from the very first word, so strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

When I realized he was cheating on me

Cheating  I fondly remember a brief relationship I had with a boyfriend who treated me as if I was a total stranger after sex. For instance, after a round or two of ravenous, depraved intercourse at...
Funny anecdote

Dangerous market people

Funny Anecdote Some of the most dangerous people you will meet are found in the market, carrying heavy loads on their backs. This human trailer, transporting a large sack of potatoes or cabbages weighing 20...
The internet is a truly entertaining place

The internet is a truly entertaining place

The internet is a truly entertaining place. You may observe someone in the comments section of a lovely photo boldly remarking that the one photographed – a gorgeous woman (most probably unknown to them) –...

When he is useless but got that good “D”

Anecdote He may be broke and jobless, skinny and scrawny, spending most of his days idling on a wooden bench at a friend’s barber shop, talking about football and politics while recharging his phone with...
hair braiding

That time I was getting my hair braided

Hair braiding Getting your hair braided can be quite an experience. As they work around your head, the hairdresser may engage you in intimate body contact, touching you with parts of themselves that make you...

Lollipops and your kid

I like that those five or ten-shillings lollipops are a quick and welcome alternative when you go with your child to a shop and they demand for a box of condoms, thinking they may...
Praise singer

Me and the “praise singer”

I came face to face with a man who suddenly stopped in his tracks and begun praising my exquisite beauty, singing and dancing playfully in its honour, and blocking my path. I couldn’t blame...
Rainy weather

This rainy weather

This rainy weather is breaking boundaries between boda boda guy and customer, drawing us closer like no other season has, making our trips brief, intimate encounters. On a winding, muddy and slippery route, for...
lose that weight

Girl you need to lose that weight!

Lose that weight! A man was particularly fond of getting between the thighs of women, and wouldn't bother hiding his transgressions, especially from his wife. But he had a good reason for his treacherous ways. She...

A parenting anecdote: The rigors of getting a child to sleep

Some children will drop asleep right at the spot where sleep will overpower them, and you will only need to carry them to bed. Others will just start acting up for no strong reason,...