Benue State, Bad Makurdi Weed, and the Ozone Layer

generator fumes

Benue State Generator tax
Someone must have sold some bad weed to the internal revenue service of Benue State, why else in this hard perilous times will they choose to collect tax yearly for generator??

Can you just imagine that? Apparently they had already been receiving 50,000 naira from private residents and up to 150,000 naira from businesses across the state. The only reason we even heard about this tax sef is because of the bad weed o!

They were under the influence and decided to explain why they have been receiving this large sum of money for on top the head of our generator. For their mind na explanation dem give as to why Benue State residents should be paying bride price for generator. Can anyone guess the reason? (No, it is not to put back in the power sector….yeye people).

Terna Francis, the media assistant to the chairman of the board, Mrs Mimi Orubibi, told some of the bride price payers in the form of news men in Makurdi that the bride price would be used by the government for the maintenance of the Ozone layer depleted by fumes emitted from the generators to avoid natural disasters. SAY WHAT? HMMMMM.

Benue State Generator tax meme

They come ask am how the government intended to carry out this herculean feat with the peoples sweat, he declined to comment. How can you just tell people you are using their money on a situation the country created in the first place to save the ozone layer and you can’t take the time to outline the steps? What is all this for God’s sake?

First of all, whose fault is it generator sets are being used? How many years after independence and we still don’t have constant power supply, instead bills and tariffs are going up with the electricity going down. Generators have become better than lovers and best friends and some people want to collect tax for it?

So after roasting in heat, unable to run a business, and being super uncomfortable in your own home from the heat and the smell of food going bad, one would struggle and raise money to buy a generator set, still hustle to get fuel to run it, if you now add fuel scarcity na die be that then Decepticons will come and tell you to pay bride price to maintain ozone layer because of generator fumes? Tufiakwa.

Were the people of Benue State asleep when this decision was made for them because this money don dey already comot for their hand? I don’t gerrit. There were no protests and oppositions or dem get money like that to dey pay anyhow? 2face didn’t sing about it? Or e no consine am?  Maybe that’s why it was even hush hush because this is nonsense.

We already pay regular tax. We shouldn’t be expected to pay tax for silly things again when there are other ways to maintain this ozone layer and if we are using generators and decepticons are so worried about the precious ozone layer how about they try make us a country that has constant power supply and stop looking for new ways to con us and embezzle hard earned cash? That is the only natural disaster we are worried about.

The people of Benue State or any other state this rubbish is happening or might happen should resist this; they should challenge this nonsense and refuse to pay anymore because it is ridiculous. People don’t have conscience at all…mscheeeew. Armed forces of ozone layer protection,ozone layerbots,ozone layer dothraki…yeye.

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