Bigotry, prejudice and hatred must NEVER triumph over goodwill and unity

Islington Rape

There is tragic news trending at the moment that a woman in her late 50s was raped at knife-point in Islington, London. The woman stopped in an alleyway off Essex Road to give the man some spare change. He then showed her the knife, dragged her into a secluded part, raped and robbed her.

This news is very saddening and worrying. As soon as I read it, I wanted to write a post titled “Man Rapes Woman in Islington, London! Be Careful Out There!”

But then I thought: be careful of what? Of Islington? Of walking? Or perhaps of helping the needy? Maybe we should just be careful of talking to each other for fear of getting attacked?

No, fear must never win. We cannot stop taking planes because of the horrific 9/11 terrorism acts in America. We cannot stop taking buses because of the 7/7 attacks in London. And I will be damned if I stop helping the needy because of one criminal.

I firmly believe in due caution and diligence. As a young lady who uses public transport a lot, I am always very vigilant. I’m not sure that I would have stopped in an alleyway, but I do not know what mood that lady was in. I certainly cannot and will never fault her compassion because one bastard chose to take advantage. And Lord knows I hope he is caught and brought to book as the lady is understandably very traumatised.

But these criminals have no place in civilised society. Empathy and compassion on the other hand, do.

Some People Will Take Any Excuse To Spread Hate

The other problem I have with this story is that following the victim’s description of the perpetrator, all the loonies and the insane right-wingers came out to play.

The rapist is described as “…dark-skinned black man, between 5ft 4ins and 5ft 6ins, of medium build and in dark clothing. He is thought to be between 30 and 40 years old.”

Here are some of the comments I have seen regarding this appalling incident and the suspect’s description:

“Is the BBC stating the obvious in their reporting of a rape suspect?”

“Rapes are becoming more and more common. Big thanks to the left wing for this cultural enrichment. Islam is not compatible with western countries, Muslim immigration must end.”

“Another Peaceful Gimmegrant (sic) With Mental Problems No Doubt.”

bigotry discrimination racism word cloud


One man rapes, one man is evil, and all of a sudden, it is a race and religious issue. How have people extrapolated from the above that he is either an immigrant or a Muslim?

It is indeed true that when all one has is a hammer, everything will begin to look like a nail. If your raison d’être for living is just to find a reason to hate your neighbour, well every rape and murder case is simply fodder.

Hopefully, every right thinking individual knows that crime is not reserved for one race, gender, creed or religion. Let us fight the real enemy – wrongdoing – rather than fight ourselves. There is strength in unity. And in love also.

Oh, and be safe out there.

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  1. Very well said!
    Looks like the readers of the daily mail now also leave messages on the Beeb website then! I remember a few years ago it seemed that immigrants were blamed for everything: crime, recession and even bad weather!

    We can’t let one looney ruin our goodwill too, either way.

    • I love, love, love this comment! It is easy to blame someone else for everything because it is easier than looking within. PLUS! How does anyone even know this person is an immigrant? Have they caught him not to talk of looking for his passport???? Do you even know if he was born here? Nonsense!

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