Black America says “Just vote. Vote responsibly; vote for the future. But DO vote”


“I’m voting my conscience”

“If he wins, I’m moving to _____”

“I don’t vote”

These statements share self-centred, hypocritical and narrow minded commonalities. This is not an insult.

You cannot expect and hold other people to higher moral standards of working for the greater good, then at the slightest opportunity claim the “Me” mentality. You’re either for progressing as a community – owning and knowing that your actions & inaction affect others; or not. If you adopt the “my conscience” mentality when shit hits the ceiling, why be mad at your elected officials? What they don’t have families too?

Voting your “conscience” does not put food on the table nor safety in the hearts of your neighbours. It does nothing but harm to the people closest to you, whose plight you’re obviously blinded to by your own inflated sense of privilege and entitlement. You have a conscience, good for you. Now convert that to a child raised from the dead and $$$ in your neighbour’s pockets. If you don’t care, say so. Stop hiding behind this fake “conscience”.

Basically, moving (running from your problems) is a privileged display of selfishness, own it if that’s you. However, don’t pretend you’re doing anyone any favours. Those you’re leaving behind are the ones who need your financial and social privilege the most. You’re mad at white folk not using their privilege for black lives, but here you are pissing yours away because you have a passport, the pockets, and the ability to move FREELY between countries. At will. With no active bombs or poverty chasing you. OK.

And “I don’t vote”? Just. Good night.

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