Boko Haram video supposedly showing missing Chibok Girls

Boko Haram Video with Chibok Girls

I’m tired. Are you not tired? Because me, I’m tired o. Now, the BBC states that Boko Haram has released a video showing about 50 girls in headscarves standing one of their terrorist militants. They claim these are some of the missing Chibok girls. They are offering the girls in exchange for the release of some of their captured fighters.

I am not sure what Nigeria’s policy is when it comes to negotiating with terrorists. I don’t know if we even have a policy but with an ex-soldier holding the reins of power, I daresay Buhari is not inclined to sit and have tea with these people. That said, our leader has shown Northern sympathies on more than one occasion, so I don’t know for sure which way the wind will blow.

But while this is difficult for me to say, I sure hope that the government ignores this cry from Boko Haram. This is supposedly the third video so far that has been released showing some or all of the girls in captivity. These men have no intention of releasing those girls. And if they do, they would have caused untold damage.

If any of the fighters in captivity are important to the terrorist group, they should never be released. The valiant efforts our army has made thus far should continue. Boko Haram need to be pushed further and further back until they surrender. Until they run out of resources and willpower. Until all they have left is shame and their misconstrued versions of the Qur’an.

That they should even consider negotiation is a sign that they are not as cock-sure as they used to be. They have caused untold harm, heartbreak and damage. These are not the kind of beasts that one discusses with. If they like, they should be releasing video like it is Telemundo series. I hope the Nigerian military say “No dice”.

Keep the girls. We, in turn will keep your fighters. Thanks, but no, thanks. We will continue to fight till we rid the land of the pestilence that is Boko Haram. And we will Bring Back Our Girls.

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  1. Finally buhari has completed plans to release those he used rubbish Jonathan’s administration. Its a good plan sha. But let’s not forget it’s not helping Nigeria in anyway. If we must seek political powers it should not be with the blood of the innocent

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