Bring back history lessons in Nigerian schools: no future if we do not acknowledge the past!


Yesterday, the people of Israel celebrated 100 years of the Balfour Declaration. The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government during World War I, announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a minority Jewish population.

It heralded the creation of the Nation State known as Israel today.

The Declaration is so titled after the author of the letter, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, Lord Balfour, on 2nd of November 1917.

At that point in history, the Jews were a nomadic People whose movement and wanderings could be traced to the Exodus out of Egypt , according to the Old Testament of the Bible. They claim to have been promised by God, the Land of Palestine as their final ‘Home’.

Another people’s land o! Dem say na God promise them.


They finally succeeded, with the connivance of the British, to conquer and occupy the land of the Palestinians.

Israel was finally declared an Independent Nation in 1948.

At this point, it is pertinent to point out, that this article is not a politico-religious one. Rather, it is merely intended to make a short submission, to point out a parallel, in the incidents of history regarding the Conceptualisation of the Nations of Israel and Nigeria as we know them today; including the ever scheming British Empire as the Choirmaster-in-Chief. A pari passu, if you like.

No long thing, no big grammar.

After centuries of autonomous tribes, cultures, traditions, norms, empires, wars, conquering, slave trading, colonising, settling, cajoling and even bribing kpá kpá!

The British, for their own nefarious reasons, finally did their own mago mago and announced the Lord Lugard Declaration of 1914. It is also known as the Amalgamation Declaration that joined the South and the Northern regions to form Nigeria.

We did our own yèyé centenary (100) “celebrations” in 2014.

The British have been making Declarations since 19-gbogborò! They declared most of the countries in the world today! From America to Kuwait, across to India back to Libya, over to Canada, na British declare them.

Na only Biafra dem no gree declare. 😂😂😂

The Aboriginal land of Australia was even their open prison yard, where they dumped prisoners. They later declared it Australia. Check their flag if you don’t believe me. The average Australian family has a criminal background. No jokes o!

The important point I want to make out here is that, even as the Israelis are celebrating their contrived Declaration to gobble up another man’s land, either through Biblical claims or by their British Choirmasters, that Declaration is an evil Declaration.

That is why there is no peace in Israel today.

Furthermore, even as Nigeria “celebrated” 100 years of the Lugard Declaration of the Nigerian Project, that Declaration was in effect, an evil Declaration, ab initio.

That is why there is no peaceful coexistence in Nigeria today.

You see the parallel I am drawing?

Unfortunately, the evil powers that have and continue to rule Nigeria have conveniently stopped the teaching of History in our schools. You cannot restructure a country without referring to its history.

People like Nnamdi Kanu, ‘Asaro’ Dokubo and others fighting for autonomy have very good grounds for their agitation, but unfortunately, poor brain matter.

As long as we continue to hide the true historical facts of our past, we shall continue to have octogenarians like Obasanjo and Buhari as leaders and comparatively ‘young’ nincompoops like Dino Melaye as palace clowns.

Bring back the true history of Nigeria, and we shall tread the pathway to progress. Selah.

Viva Nigeria! 🇳🇬 🇳🇬

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