Buhari To Cameron “Abeg we no need apology; just return awa stolen money don Allah!”


Today, President Muhammadu Buhari said he would not be demanding any apology from British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron over his gaffe, describing Nigeria along with Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt”.

Instead, Buhari said he would demand action from Cameron by returning Nigeria’s stolen money and assets stashed in his country.

Muhammadu Buhari made his frustration clear as he addressed a Commonwealth conference in London this morning in the wake of Mr Cameron’s toe-curling gaffe.

Clutching a glass as he made small talk with the Queen at a Buckingham Palace reception, the PM was caught on camera being indiscreet about the countries he had invited to a key anti-corruption summit the following day [WATCH CLIP HERE].

Aides to Mr Buhari, who has mounted a high-profile battle against corruption, expressed ‘shock’ at the unguarded comment, saying that Cameron must have been looking at an old snapshot of Nigeria.

Buhari refused to criticise Cameron directly when he was asked about the blunder at the conference.

Instead he said he expected the UK to help him reclaim Nigerian assets that had been fraudulently stripped from the country.

“I am not going to demand an apology from anybody,” he said. “What I am demanding is a return of assets … This is what I am asking for. What would I do with an apology? I need something tangible.”

Buhari, when you’re right, you’re right jare.

Kerry Washington You Right

Thieves, colonisers and despots talmbout one person is corrupt. Cameron, YOUR FADA LAP!

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  1. Cameron is a useless person, in England government are not corrupt, why can’t they blow alarm since our people as been keeping money in their country, until when baba buhari make a move

  2. Wonderful reply. U have played the ping pong perfectly well back to his side. Cameron will be failing on his part if he doesn’t facilitate the return of the loot. He has shot himself on the foot.

  3. Those money he is demanding for is it his money? Or did he just just want to make some statement that will cause more problems for Nigerian citizen’s that will future travel to London. He don’t even know the amount or how that money came about, he want to reap where he did not sow anything.

  4. All the Money you Sai abi nah sell buhari you collect,,,,wetin you take am do??? still you get mind to increase fuel price… For me o,, you are darkness to Nigeria but you can keep deceiving Yorubas and rest that want to be deceived cos I know they all have fish brains….

  5. He don’t even own you any apology. Rather you own Nigerians an apology for receiving them. You Buhari asked us to stop going school abroad, why you excluded your children. You Buhari asked our law makers not use first class flight, yet you and your family are still using it. Mr President, are not corrupt?

  6. So many ignorant Nigerians are here, yes the situation of the country is bad but course by who? Decade of bad government yet you blame it on the on that his trying to fix it, I ask the question why his he traveling and I got the answer from Cameron, telling the queen and the ache Bishop that the man is not corrupt but his country his, and all the man our president is asking for his for the collaborators of stolen wealth to return it back yet most of you ingrate just say annoying immature things, were where u guys when PDP was using our dollars for campaign? Where were u when AVM Alex Bade was collecting 500,000,000 every month from the account of the Nigeria airforce, what about your formal minister of petroleum using a €1M worth of watch hmmmmmmmmm and you think it will not have effect on the economy, the president can not stop the closing of roads or use of siring by his convor those are the job of is security details of the government of Nigeria which he him self his subjected to, just like his jet

    • And u feel calling a fellow ingrate and immature make u feel better u dnt av a better word to make that fellow to see the light instead of using insulting words, the fast that u re saying the truth doesn’t mean u re right.

    • Please highlight where I use any abusive words in all that I have said? Huh? Opposite of mature is out? And does the action of somebody insulting someone trying to make a change calling him different animal name ain’t they immature? I might not be right in your eyes but am damn stating the obvious, yes the economy is beating hard no doubt, but the man is trying his best how about we tell our NAS to reduce their expense instead callin one man names

    • Gbenga honestly ur comments is the best have ever read this year and am so happy u did tell them because they really not matured, like u can fix something that’s bad for 16 years in just 1 year yet the same man is doing is best to make this same people happy in nearest future they forget that those stolen money will affect the country abeg heeee don’t mind them am from the south delta state and I don’t see what those stupid foolish leaders in delta state have done for 16 years of looting yet they want the best for south abi the oil wells they destroying is not going to affect we from niger delta then after some few years, the same bad leaders who use those bastards to destroy everything for them selfish interests will still come one day to speak evil for the down fall of niger delta

    • Elidad Eliud Peniel@ let try not to use the abusive words I honestly understand you,to see how leaders of community squandered money’s meant 4 development and nobody 8n that community is asking questions yet they asking the new man that is asking questions to perform magic, I said it b4 that we are going to go tru hard times if we want to reform, just hope we see light at the end of the tunnel

    • But Gbenga was he not among the past leaders, all those monies that missed during his tenure both as head of state and as PTF boss did he ever account for it? Why is he so scared about the Harllibuton’s case? The £250m that UK gave to him immediately after he came into power for IDPs did he ever account for it…. Lets try and get the angle the PM is coming from before we starting hailing buhari….. If you are fighting corruption you mus clean up your odds and show a sign of remorse…. An unchanged person cannot change a whole nation… Think about it.. Thanks.

    • Chidi Nickson understand something everybody as skeleton in there cupboard rite, how many heads of state have you ever heard being jail in their country that immunity is always their and that why the Halliburton scandal was not reveal by any of the past government, do you think they did not know people behind it that it’s the UK ND USA but they know our government is so corrupt and will not reveal people behind it, and that why UK is pushing the only president presume to be honest even by prime minister and arch Bishop of Canterbury, they know it is only an honest governments that can name official behind the scandal, if you serve under a boss and you make good account of money your making doesn’t mean you the one spending it, ask your self this question if he as does money why his he not rich like others? No how you steal that kind of money and hide it all your life it will show, it just like smoke it will come out

    • Is this the first time Buhari is ruling Nigeria?
      Why did he fix Nigeria in good shape before now.
      For now I have seeing nothing meaningful yet.
      His policies ar untimily, if u think corruption is the only problem for Nigeria then u ar completly wrong. Corruption is an inborn virus u cant eradicate no matter wat. Buhari may b a good leader but for now his policies we the masses ar not benefitting from it. So to me is complet zero

    • o boy I Don tire 4 dis our pple, see comments u go hail. its easier to destroy than to build wat took u just 16yrs to destroy will take times two or more to rebuild. come to think of it, d subsidy issue if dey remove it finally will dey have any excuse next time?

    • We guys are funny, if you fail to plan you plan to fail, and that what we’ve been doing expecting manner from heaven, Destiny Stanley Mesco no man is born to suffer, but if you are doing the same thing expecting better than you are a fraudulent person, this is the best time for young Nigerians to be asking questions, why is d national assembly being paid so much? Why are they not using indigenous car manufacturers like innocent motors as official car? Why is our refineries still not working? Why as EU country refuse to return looted funds back to Nigeria? Let occupy the street with this question

  7. Buhari government are the most useless and unreasonable government in the history of the zoo called nigeria,fuel is now 200 naira,where are the yeruba cowards who were protesting during jonathan.

  8. Infact igbo people y for once u people can appreciate pmb government for once wat ur prob wat have ur peoples in good seat done to make a beta life for u guys wat have jonathan done for good 6years under jonathan administration billions of naira have been loot wat is ur take instead of let everybody cum together nd say no to dem na war u want have u people forget dat hausas peoples have jidhadist, isis, boko haram to suport dem who will support u

    • what hv ur tribe pmb done 27th of dis month will make him one yr nd he turned Nigeria upside down. dollar is not coming down, our economy is getting worst day by day, huh!!!!!! fuel subsidy he said he hv remove it but still in 145# per liter. inform so called ur president to lead well because his regime is worst

    • Is regime is worst because u people make it worst i bold say dis jonathan and co no dat dey are not going to win d election dat y dey spoil everything cant u see luk at yar adua time dont u see peace, love, harmony etc jonathan came in and everything torn apart nw u guys are suffering we yoruba d same hausa dsame let forget about tribe let talk of ourself our future four fingers is nothing without d last finger without u nigeria cant b great without me nigeria is nothing let fight for our future not for tribe because dey are still dsame army robber

    • Iheji Emmanuel Arinze am not here to abuse anybody am talking of d truth were will u b if d war start if u fight who are u fighting for is for does idiot who keep deir family in uk nd us think before u comment or fight

    • Its none of your buisnesss who biafra is, if a tribe dat has what it takes to be a nation decide to stay on their own is dia a problem with that. Honestly, there are so many tribes and different understanding among dust tribe in Nigeria and for a country to stand u need at least have one general language u call ur own. Its becos d easterners are too important to d welfare of ur country dats y u will never let go and since all tribes in Nigeria have so much hatred for d igbos y not let them be. And pls don’t ask rubbish questions like who will be our leaders becos we are not lacking leaders in our land and we have our governors and make sure all you Nigerians put dis at d back of ur mind dat if not for d igbos most of u would have been in d streets begging but by God’s grace we help make commodities cheap and affordable even though u keep complaining still u can’t separate urself from using ignition man made goods.

    • Wow nice comment but u seem to b blind fold by wat ur selfish leaders have promise u likewise buhari and jonathan and obj did by given false promise have u ask ur self where is your leader children dey want to use u as thug and wen dey get wat dey want dey forget u guyz wat have jonathan don for d past six years for d igbos nd entire biafra wat hav all ur leaders done in ur state with their own money if dey truely love u guyx dey are just giving false promise nd if d war start dey all run to uk nd us it will nw remain idot like u killing ur self for empty promise

    • wen u talk too much u talk nonsense.a man suppose to tink before he talk.in order to b a man of his word. ur bro is givin u change mak sure u dnt run away frm ur responsibility at home.dis ar kind of people who die in silent. i hate pple wit cattle braij

    • Destiny stanley i dont say we shuld not fight for our right but fight for ur right dont fight for anoda selfish interest fight for nigeria say no to corruption we are d youth of d nation we can say no to bad government 4finger can not make a hand without igbos nigeria can not b ok without yoruba and hausas biafra cant be ok so let find a way forward to eleminate corrupt leader taget

    • Destiny stanley i dont say we shuld not fight for our right but fight for ur right dont fight for anoda selfish interest fight for nigeria say no to corruption we are d youth of d nation we can say no to bad government 4finger can not make a hand without igbos nigeria can not b ok without yoruba and hausas biafra cant be ok so let find a way forward to eleminate corrupt leader taget

  9. forget who will support us thank God u ve mentioned all their terrorists group that will support them that’s y we said we don”t want to stay with them against cuz we ve come to realise d r all terrorist nd we r not there is no way muslims nd christains will stay together no way ok @iyanu

  10. Please Mr President, come back home and address the main issue bedeviling Nigeria which fuel pump price. I wonder, do you need Mr Cameron to tell you again that you are ‘Fantastically Liar’ before you do the needful.

  11. Buhari don suffer u say 1 word d very 1st day u made trip @ uk with anti corruption word, leader under boko haram way guy u be abaya presido way get brain knock u fall our hand so I don’t blame d uk pri minister speech baba hold up check ur brain well

  12. Why is Buhari annoyed that his govt was described as “fantastically corrupt” if DAVID CAMERON did not see anything wrong in this govt I certainly believe that he not come to media and make this statement. Buhari signed budget last week after it was one year and this week fuel pump became #145. We are seeing the change in a beast way.

    • Point of correction, he did not say buhari govt is corrupt. He said Nigeria is corrupt…all these useless fool tribalism wey una dey do d earlier u stop it d better 4 u and ur generation

  13. Chinedu okebulu,shutup ur dirt mout u said dat muslim&christan can not stay togerther what abaut some family dat are muslim n christan even some husband n wife what will u do to those ones abi u tink every body are like u fool

  14. Can you imagine… king nebuchadnezzar lost his mind for 7 years… after he refused to give honor to God.. YAHweh Elohim… sounds familiar to me… I know another that has shaken his fist in the face of God… and his mind is shot… he is the craziest so called president of Nigeria has ever had… evil… forked tongued…

  15. Tinubu you have achieved your aim: expose buhari and destroy nigeria. Well you have done well. At least, let this hazard, called nigeria be disolved like Yugoslavia so that nations can be free and go their separate ways.

  16. You guy’s should stop all this agurement all we need now is just prayer so that God will give buhari wisdom to rule our country,……….that’s all I can say as for now may God protect our country and all the citizen in Nigeria…….thanks alot?????

  17. Now the children of israel asked for a king, n God gave them king saul, a wicked, cruel and barbaric king, in the same, the people of Nigeria aske for CHANGE and they were given a daft, ignorant, naive, illitrate man, who cannot pilot d affairs of d nation n understand d current world politics, thereby bringing gross shame n disgrace to d nation dat its citizens have lost d sense of loyalty n dignity, they once had! BUHARI -U ARE NOT FIT TO RULE NIGERIA

  18. President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, Masses of Nigeria are with you even if the Price of Petrol reaches N1000. We believe that you will not do anything that is detrimental to the development of Nigeria and the well being of the Nigerian Masses.
    We support you, we support your policies and programmes. Go ahead Mr. President. Conscious Mass Movement of Nigeria. (COMMON)

  19. Shame to Nigerians who voted for Buhari. He is now upset over what Cameron said and he forgot that he was the one that told the whole world that all Nigerians are criminals. An Illiterate Leader, shame to you and your fans

    • you call him a devil…. Jonathan is the real devil he has already demolish the entire economy, he’s corrupt and so as his associates, he stole some money, people under him did the same thing, and you call buhari the devil…he’s just tidying all the mess Jonathan did, bruh, u better shut up cus no Hausa has ever rule this country badly ( democratically)… Yoruba did, they fucked up, Igbo too did, they mess things up, they make things worse…..yaradua did, things got better before he died……just shut up n let him do his work…Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect sudden changes in Nigeria for now cus he’s busy putting things in order

  20. Am so sorry the same thing that happened in 1983 is happening again, my dear presido is not only stealing money that makes one corrupt even deceiving us with liars in order to vote you into power and when you got there you said you can not do much of your promises for any reason is also corruption, God have mercy for I see darkness.

  21. Mouths jt running like tap. How many of u hv prayed for dis country frm d depth of ur hrt. Nthn happens without d permission of God. Two things here:is either we are paying for our mistake or d hardship ‘ll lead to a better Nigeria. Y nt b patient. Ur complains won’t change anything.

  22. all of y’all talking rubbish, y’all better stfu ….let him do his work, Jonathan already destroyed everything before he left power…let him clean up the mess that jerk Jonathan created…. so after that, we’ll see sudden change but for now…be patient cus your ex president made all this shit happen so y’all saying shit…shut the hell up

  23. When a President agrees that his Nation & People are fantastically corrupt how does he expect another Head of govt to return assumed stolen stashed moneys in his country. Admittance means that such returned funds will be fantastically disappeared because no change of attitude has been effected. Buhari needs to know how to talk and when to defend his nation.

    I don’t blame him for his age does not afford proper use of his knowledge

  24. d stupid Cameron, they are doing aiding and abetting accepting stolen funds. using our money to Develop their economy dats y Buhari is asking dem to return dem. if dey should return all our stolen money it will affect their economy.

  25. Buhari owes the British prime minister, David Cameron apology for intentionally and fantastically accepted looted money from the fantastically corrupted Nigerians. Any one who accepted stolen items, is also a thief. Nigerians are fantastically following the corrupt Legacy laid down by their colonizers. I rest my case.

  26. Enough of this crab! Why would he demand for one when he first went around the world condemning Nigeria, screaming how corrupt we are to any ear that cared to listen? Cameron said so because of the impression Buhari gave the world about Nigeria.

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