CAN, choir robes and the canker worm that is religion in Nigeria


CAN annoys me. I’m sick to my back teeth of them. The Christian Association of Nigeria can be so un-Christianly in their behaviour that I don’t even understand why the association still exists.

They probably do a whole lot of charity work, but we never hear about these works. CAN will not carry out community projects like women empowerment or hold a drive against trypanosomiasis, no. When they’re not shipping millions of naira across uncharted territories in private jets, they’re busy endorsing political candidates for favour, having turned themselves into king makers. CAN is just like the Borgias, only less sexy.

Earlier this week, Justice Jide Falola had ruled that Muslim students be allowed to wear their hijabs to class. He stated that not allowing them infringed on their basic human rights – which is absolutely correct.

Listen, there are Muslims from the entire gamut of the faith spectrum. There are those who do not believe in the need for any extra covering other than modest dressing, and there are others who will only have their eyeballs visible at any point in time. The point is: whatever a Muslim lady personally interprets from her Qur’an is what she wears. ALL THE TIME. If she wears a hijab, then she will do so to school, to the market, and even to the gym. The hijab is not an occasional garment.

CAN, however, can’t deal with this level of one-upmanship. Instead of instilling values in students so that they become wonderful citizens of Osun State tomorrow, the Christian Association of Nigeria had an epic tantrum and encouraged Christian students to also wear their choir robes to school.


Just look at our children, the purported leaders of tomorrow. No, just look:

Students of Baptist High School, Iwo, in their ‘glamorous and sanctified’ choir robes


All pictures courtesy Premium Times

All of this is painful, sure. But what hurts the most is that this is happening in Osun State!!! We have spoken extensively about Osun State and its deficiencies before on this blog. Education in that state is in the doldrums. A state that does not have a single, solitary desk that still has the four legs complete? Is this choir robe business the most important thing? This “Do-me-I-do-you”? Has any of the kerfuffle lent to a single morsel of education or learning for these children? Is this what Jesus died for? Is this what CAN was set up for? What utter nonsense!

Even if CAN had a point – which they do NOT – what Christian values exactly are they teaching the kids? That if something happens that you do not like, you should just retaliate and dare anyone to have a problem with you? I hear that there were CAN officials on hand to see if the students were asked to leave the classroom. Presumably, they would then kick up a holy fuss in this eventuality?

I would ask that the Christian Association of Nigeria takes some of the $9.3m found on Oritsejafor’s private jet and use it to buy themselves a clue. They need to stop tearing Nigeria up from the inside out.

Muslim clerics, you escape my wrath today, but next time it could be you. Kontinuu.

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  1. Many times there are no words for the stupidity displayed by those we expect to take the lead, and I include the parents who must have sold their brain cells to allow their kids go to school dressed like this. The Muslim woman who chooses to wear a hijab makes it a part of her daily life and that is being equated to weekly/church event outfit. Nigeria, my beloved. How I weep for you

  • Some of them may have tried because they have personal jet to fly away from their sins to heaven on judgement day but no airport in heaven, so they will fall back to their sins. May God forgive us all. Amen

  • I have no problems with a man been worthy of his vineyard but I have a challenge with a man not seeing the need to cultivate his yard ,we speak of a bad government daily but the government depends on the church ,We have a problem not knowing our problem the problem we facing in Africa is a wickedness in the very house of God

  • Should a nation a gives religion special cosidration,if not,if a muslim can wear hijab to school then a C&S or CCC,OR CATHOLIC. can wear there sutana to school to make it religious tolerance

  • If we don’t stop some of this things it will be hard in future,from hijab the Muslim brothers will bring there own law etc, if not stupidity a man saying NECO SHOULD POSTPONE there exams bcuz they want to fast imagine on national TV,another one said NYSC should not post any graduate now bcuz of fasting,Muslim brothers attacking people in the north bcuz they did not fast.that is the problem we have fix ourself all bcuz of one religion

  • The problem is that government is getting too involved in religious matters. And is like the government playing one faith against the other with the consequences of politicization of religion and mounting distrust.

  • army where uniform and not hijab school is a formal institution not hijah choir’s robe should be done away with in d school, after school hour u can wear whatever you want. i want to believe Gov’nor Aregbe pass thru ahigher institution.well its a pity.

  • If we are as holy and honest as we take religious issue so serious on the surface, this country would have been so peaceful….all I see is pretence and people using religion as a make up….God bless us..…

  • CAN is not standing strong for Christians. A time will come when there will be an explosion. Muslims don’t know security. They just forged it to force Christians to live with Muslims. The Christians will call it tolerance while the Muslims call it dominant. Check what happened in Lebanon and Sudan and what was the result. People refuse to exercise the freedom of religious practice but prefer trouble. All northern state use state money for building mosques and other Islamic affairs but careless about the principle of secularism. Nigeria is gradually moving to stage that it can not manage religion. Killings for Allah is common now.

    • But, for the Muslims, they had a right to do their hijab thing as a courtesy to their tenet, the CAN rather was just acting from a kind of stupidity I can’t name right now. …I don’t know why the exercising of someone else’s religious tenet spites you

  • @Rachel, just reading some of your blog makes Mi wonder do you write for fun( the owner of the blog site want someone to sha write something) or you hope to really write(Professionally) or maybe you just write this things to drive traffic to this site. Whatever YOU do dear, research properly. I would have love to share your write up, but you won’t be able to contain the backlash. This bout CAN you should be careful( you are Christian, speaking against the anointed. Please don’t get mi wrong). About Trump just watchout .

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