Caution! US presidential elections will not be won by refined actions or rational thought


As I browsed social media earlier this morning, I found that all my intelligent, rational and socio-politically conscious friends and acquaintances had a good laugh at Donald Trump’s expense while last night’s presidential debate lasted.

Unfortunately, despite the Republican candidate’s obvious deficiencies in refined thoughts and expressions, as well as his abiding lack of leadership gravitas, there is every likelihood that this year’s presidential election will not be determined by rational thought and common sense.

What may instead come into play will be the kind of reactionary instincts and choices that gifted America George Walker Bush in the year 2000, over and above better suited candidates like Al Gore and John Kerry, paving the way for 8 years of embarrasing miscues and outright blunders in American leadership.

Better therefore to temper giddy excitation with grounded operational strategy to successfully counter the barbarian populism threatening to sweep the little that is left of any hope that America might witness some form of mature, responsible leadership after Barack Obama exits the scene in January 2017.

Hillary Clinton’s policy wonkery won’t do any longer for an attention-deficient America, especially when facing a candidate who has succeeded so far by barrelling through his campaign, with little care for the finer details of the political process. It may be a little late but the Clinton campaign must adopt an aggressive, populist tone opposite of the one raging under the Trump banner, if Hillary Clinton must emerge president-elect on November 8.

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