Change starts with me?


Change starts with me
We must all change the way we think and act. I am responsible for the way I think and act. It would be tomfoolery to place the responsibility of my transformation in character, in the hands of another. Maturity starts when we own our mistakes and take the necessary action of correcting them.

Change however does not occur in isolation. One person’s transformation is sustained by another’s. We are fully interdependent and we need each other.

The hypocrisy of the “change” we are asked to embrace in this country is that it is one-sided. The same people who voted for change are being asked to do so. Which other change do we have left, except to vote out this present government? Inasmuch as we are encouraged to embrace values that are convenient for all, the ball isn’t totally in our court. There is a limit to what the common man can achieve on his own without the instrumentality of government. When you ask me to change, by putting my car in order before travelling, it behooves you to follow suit and fix the road I will travel on. When you say I should pay light bills promptly, it is also your duty to make light available promptly and consistently.
When you ask us to pay our taxes, it is your duty to see that you use the proceeds judiciously and avoid wastage. How can you live extravagantly, and treat with scorn, those who sponsor the office you occupy with their hard earn money?

Just how?

change (Change starts with me?)

You ask me to change by accepting more austere standards of living, whilst you wine and dine in affluence and unbridled wantonness. Tell me no more for tis is not change my soul craves.
Why bring this burden on me?
Why do you mock me with this ridiculous request?

As a nation, transformation is incomplete except it affects all quarters.
It must flow from the top and drench us down here. Leadership involves setting examples.
It involves doing what you want others to do.
How about you start by cutting down on your allowances and personal privileges. Who pays an employee for doing a shitty job except the Nigerian nation?
We pay and immerse you in privileges undeserved. Yes underserved, because the job remains undone but you get paid.
This change you want cannot start with us, it must start with you

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  1. “Chhange starts with me” should be told only to APC zealots,who in the face of untold hardship,poverty,hunger,recession and clueless APC government are still shouting “sai baba” (or “chai baba)….Why should a change preached by the ruling class come to start with the ruled;the ordinary masses who are only relevent during election’s?


    Let them learn how to be honest (especially Lai Muhammed and Raji Fashola)..

    Let them fashion policies that will salvage the country out of hunger,poverty and insecurity,instead of blaming the past government continually.

    Let them start treating Nigerians as Nigerians,not as Hausa/fulanis or Northerners or muslims or christians or Igbos or Yorubas..

    Let them handle security issues fair and square,not minding whether the president’s fulani kinsmen are involved!

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