Check out 15 memes to warm your heart as Nokia 3310 stages a daring comeback!


Just recently, we informed you guys that Nokia 3310, Nokia’a prime and seemingly indestructible phone, is staging a comeback to the phone market.

Since this annoucement was made, that this Baba Iya won – the Father of their Mummy – of phones is being prepped for this comeback, lovers and fans have gone gaga in celebration, hoisting memes at every pole available along this aisle of comeback!

Here are 15 of those “moving” memes. …enjoy! ????


Haha. ..Indestructible Nokia 3310 vs Indomitable Chuck Norris. …yeah! World War Zzzzz


Oh, why you foolish??? Hahaha
Be thankful it wasn’t a 9.0 earthquake!




Poor car


Na so. …Nokia 3310 enjoys ObamaCare limitless and it’s a Marine! ?


Sure, you do. ..don’t you? Oya, greet me well, prostrate!


Yeah, those were the days…ever blazing!


Hahaha. ..this left us rolling in the deeeep! Odikwa Thor !


Nokia 3310 comeback
Especially your leg, when it vibrates whilst in your pocket


Nokia 3310 comeback
LOL….it can’t be overemphasized. ..right?


Nokia 3310 comeback
Sold out…definitely sold out….HAHAHA


Nokia 3310 comeback
Haha haha. …no comment. …speechless, this is next level!


Nokia 3310 comeback
Just use it to “Break” it …No time!


Nokia 3310 comeback
Hahaha hahaha


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