Chidinma Cucumber, Nigerian Hypocrisy and the height (and width) of it

For the umpteenth, know this: Hypocrisy is a pedigreed Nigerian. In fact, let’s call it by its full name: Hypo Munãfukai Alagabagebe Uche-Onise Crisy.
A grown young lady partook of some sexual activities and the tape was  leaked.
All these “Pray for our children!”; “Stop destroying her by not sharing the video!”; “Stop shaming her, she might commit suicide!”; “She’s a shameless slut for taping her sex!”; “Her life is over”; “How will she deal with this now?”; “She shouldn’t have let it leak”, and such voluble likes, are from the same hypocritical kiln.
All they do is to actually worsen the (non)issue, either by this flak of judgemental exaggeration or through careless understating.
If Nigerians were purring and pouring against the controversial and unconstitutional nature of the gayness of the tape, then it’s still within arguable reason to litter social media with masturbatory yak.
But all this hypocritical yipping to either condemn or commend, judge, feign curiosity as pity, and/or ‘mastur-watch’ the tape…all make me wanna give “double twale” to Mr & Mrs Hypocrisy.
It’s stale news that the moral fabric of the present day already has sordid spots, but what leaves them unwashed is the hypocrisy that we employ in dealing with sensitive stuff. We deal too hurriedly, too precipitously, most times all in a bid to talk; to trend.
Abeg, make I stop, no need talking too much. Well, Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke, to me, you are not stupid yet. But you will be, the moment you act as if something happened. This society cannot give you the help you need if you did need it; so, my advice?
Don’t fuss nor cry, down here, it’s already spilled milk. Selah.

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