#ChurchToo: a viral hashtag reveals dark secrets of sexual molestation in God’s house


It’s one thing to be confused about our response to konji – this being the default setting of some Christians – it’s quite another to blatantly give brain-dead advice to victims of sexual assault.

Like I shared in a recent post, a lot of church goers are assumed to be holy and thus unable to talk about sexual matters. Meanwhile, we are busy desecrating every corner of the earth with foul tales of molestation and assault.

Honestly, given all the stories of rape, incest and paedophilia that has trailed the church, we need more hashtags. This hashtag #ChurchToo has gone viral and the kind of sick stories one reads leaves you wondering.

One woman was advised to date the “Christian Man” who had assaulted her; the advisers claimed he liked her. This world will not stop getting more insane!

We are in a time an era where a lot of things are condoned in the name of going above and beyond to protect the Church. I think sometimes maybe we should consider public flogging for some kind of confessions. A man confesses to nursing rape thoughts and the Church is commending him instead of sending him to therapy??

You know the most painful part is that a lot of the victims seem to be women while the perpetrators in the tweets I have seen seem male. This only bothers me because it seems men are allowed to gather in a place singing to angels when they should be going through thorough therapy sessions while taking as many holy sacraments, Hail Marys and deliverance sessions as they can find.

We need a total overhaul. This is a sad and terrible record for the church. It points more and more to the fact that being in church has not and will never stop people from having sexual urges or seeking relief inordinately.

This also, in a way, serves as a wakeup call. We cannot say it’s just the Church. Sexual violence, molestation and assault are inside and outside the Church but if we are to even begin trying to tackle this, then the Church must first be brought to account. Not as an attack on the church but so that the name of Jesus we profess will not become a joke.

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  1. What arrant rubbish?! The rapist wasn’t taken to court and given jail time? The brainless idiots added to her pain and told her to hug and forgive her rapist?! No consequence or punishment given for the crime. No healing or closure for the victim. What a hot mess!

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