Cower in my presence o mortal woman: A sarcastic look at patriarchy


It’s no big deal he had sex on the first date. She’s the slut who dared get laid on the first date.

She got pregnant? What a careless woman who tried to trap him, gosh! The stupid conniving bitch. He’s too weak to cap it or resist the temptation. Oh poor dear!

That man of God was seduced by her. Even though she was a young Christian looking for a friend and needed his help. He didn’t take advantage, she did. She wanted to rob the power house of his anointing to cast devils.

She drank a little and he raped her. She didn’t drink at all and he raped her. How could she wear such skimpy little clothes? Don’t you know he’s an invalid, at the mercy of his an organ?

Let’s hide the secret of how he beats and abuses that woman. The children need a father, but a mother’s replaceable? Sometimes a girl is so stubborn and talks anyhow, that’s why as an animal, you must beat sense into her head.

He’s 30, she’s 30 but yet she’s the shameful one. Both living with parents how did one become the crime? Shouldn’t he be married with children and chasing visions of his life? But I see him always on Facebook, spitting venom at single girls of 27. She hasn’t brought home a husband, she’s the evil one.

He said it in a meeting, “the man might just be testing you”. I said “To hell with him, who gave him the right to that! If she happens to “fall”, to whom belongs the sin? Only the tempted or the tempter -which is also a name for Satan. Or you didn’t know?

When he acts like a mad man, chases even a wall in skirts. we call his ancestors, he’s got no mind of his own, to cheat or do any harm. His mother’s a witch, his dad a wizard. His sister is the devil, the brother a babalawo. So how can poor him fight these many forces of evil? After all it’s your job to pray two hours so you ward of the devil! So you do. Pray sister pray, I’m with you in the Spirit.

He raised his voice when she disagreed with one. One day it was a slap, another day something else. You must learn submission, embrace the way of subjugation. Who are you to speak back when the “most high” has spoken. I am your lord and master, the director of your life -even the interpreters of the Holy Books say so.  I’ll remake you, I mould you, I tell you when to breathe, when to smile.

Stand in a line let me take my pick. Put your qualities on paper, don’t ask about mine. After all, I’m the one choosing a wife; saving you from loneliness, from barrenness and worthlessness. I’m giving you my last name, praise me!

Cower in my presence, you mortal woman; it is my way or the high way, you belong in the background. It doesn’t matter if I can’t lead, if I have sense or even the tiniest brain. All that matters is that I carry the phallus god.

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