Dancing while deaf: Amazing Antoine Hunter overcame disability to dance, teach and inspire


In this world where we cannot move for christian charlatans and spiritual swindlers, here is a miracle you can believe in! Meet Antoine Hunter: and African American man born deaf who learnt to find acceptance and joy through dance.

Watching Antoine Hunter dance is a beautiful thing. A powerful, strong and elegant experience. This man brings all the power and poetry of a lion to the stage. He moves with the beat in an inspiring way. Yet he can’t hear it like you or I might: he is deaf! He feels music and appreciates it in a way that the hearing probably never can. And he has learned to express that feeling in a fierce and amazing way.


He keeps the beat with him and learns to move with the vibrations he can feel from the strains and bass he can feel. There is hearing music with your ears, and then there’s feeling it with your soul. Antoine Hunter does the latter and is all the better for it.

Antoine has said he was mocked and bullied as a younger man. So much so that he felt like disappearing. Being black and deaf doesn’t lend to a particularly easy childhood. To come back from that to being the beast he is today; lion, a real man of monumental stature, an advocate, and so much more is nothing short of miraculous.

The Man; The Miracle

And then, as though that were not enough, the man is helping other deaf people overcome their insecurities. Being someone who understands their fears and doubts about their own abilities, it is that much easier for him to reach them. To bring them out of their shells and make them better than they thought possible.

He is the founder of the Deaf International Dance Festival in the Bay Area, now in its fourth year. He has also worked closely with the Urban Jazz Dance Company.

Antoine Hunter overcame his fears and helps others to overcome theirs everyday. Should you need something to believe in today, believe in this. The power to be greater than anything that threatens to hold you down.


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