Dangote commissions longest concrete road in Nigeria

Dangote road

Dangote road: AG-Dangote Construction Limited, a joint venture company between Andrade Gutierrez (AG) of Brazil and Dangote Group Nigeria, has commissioned the longest stretch of concrete road, in the country recently. The 24km cement concrete road links Obese and itori in Ogun State.

Dangote explained that his decision to start the campaign for concrete road in Nigeria, is in line with what obtains in other parts of the world.

For instance, the Autobahn in Germany, was constructed with concrete…

the famous Accra-Tema concrete road was possibly the first of its type in Africa.

The equally popular Marine Drive in Mumbai, India, which was built in 1939, is another example of a concrete road.

The Mumbai road is today still performing satisfactorily after almost 80 years in operation.

As a matter of fact, it is expected that Mumbai saves about $3million in maintenance cost every year from the investment in the construction of 450km of concrete roads.

The Federal Governent has commended the business ingenuity of the Africa’s foremost entrepreneur, Aliko Dangote saying the acumen won him the contract for the construction of the novel concrete paved Obajana-Kabba road in Kogi State due for completion in 24 months

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  1. Hmmm, concrete road so that he will sell his cement. He is a greedy business man that doesn’t want any other person to come up. After all it is government money that he used to become African richest man. Nonsense

    • Jealousy go kill you. It’s the lord doing, and there’s nothing you can do about his continued rising profile. If you’re still not satisfied with my counsel, better hug a live transformer.

  2. @ Foster Ifeakanwa Okoro, I thought you are an Ibo man, instead of you to learn from Dangote’s Business Acumen, you are badmouthing, somebody bring in an innovation n thinks of a way 2 sell it to the consumer, he intelligently asks govt to allow him repair Ibese-Itori road free of charge, so what do you think he has done????
    He has succeeded in advertising his product to make more sells. My brother pls lets not allow ethnicity n hate to be-cloud our objective sense of reasoning.

  3. Only if this spirit can be replicate in power, etc Nigeria will be great. This is just one man, if we have many of dangote then Nigeria will be great. Instead of our politicians stealing our common wealth and taking it to other country thereby making this country great. Money in the hand of dangote is very useful than we can imagine…

  4. Itori obese road, these where I stay,the road is perfect we now feel sign of relief, although he said is part of his social responsibility…..he never collect a damn from either d state govt or Federal. Kudos.but these is d same road that lead to his ibese cement factory I believe is both advantage for the public and his business.

  5. The usage of concrete started during the administration of Fashola in lagos when the BRT route on ikorodu road was closed to be repaired. It’s a very good innovation and last longer unlike bitumen that can’t withstand water for long. Kudos to Dangote for the road repair and hope the federal government will support it to create more employment opportunities in the cement factory

  6. The much I want to say is that I am told that Nigerian businessmen and politicians now regard my website – http://www.virgo-enterprised.com, as a REPOSITORY where they can poach ideas and with their connections they can penetrate the administrations to give them jobs and contracts! So with this Dangote’s road project, just read my correspondences to the Ministry of Works and Housing dating between 1983 to 1988 also to the Presidency during that period regarding essentials (need) of good highways for Nigeria and the climax is on pages [6 & 7] of the Contents of “How to get at your government and influence it! The same thing happened to my ‘Option A-4’ and the finger/ name reader machines if you can look up page [161] of my book delivered to the administrations since 2005. My book “Nigeria – survival or disintegration!, where they lifted Option A-4, was also delivered to the School of Policy and strategic Studies – 5 copies in 1992 they have not paid for the books yet

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