Dear God why the mosquito?


Are you there God? It’s me Dotun. I’m sorry to bother you on your off day but I need to get something off my underdeveloped chest.

God I see your handiwork in creation and I am always amazed. So many amazing animals you have put together. I have to give you major props for the Fruit Bat, Dogs, Cats, Owls and oh yes Lizards (those things are chill as….heaven mehn) and even those other animals that I wouldn’t be caught dead near (cause I’d end up dead) like Alligators, Hippos and most versions of snakes, I can still see their relevance in the world and how much their presence “balances” nature

But o Lord there is one thing in all your creation that I don’t understand and thus this little heart to ear

Why the mosquito?

Dear Father what were you thinking when you put this thing together? Were you in a rare mischievous mood when you saw man frolicking in the garden naked and you smiled and thought “Lets make him dance”?

Or perhaps they were the things you used to drive man out of the Garden? Maybe Adamu was forming strong head and refusing to evict the premises and as Landlord you decided to give him a little (ahem) “motivation”?

Baba God look ehn, I don’t know why and I don’t understand. What I DO know is that I hate them!

Why can’t they go extinct? The West African Black Rhino and Dodo bird are both history and Pandas are in danger of going the same way but despite all our efforts (and they are many) these little f**kers are still thriving! (Pardon my Asian)

I am sure that if all humanity dies out in a million years, these little f….udges! will still be around and making life miserable!

Baba do something na! Do something!  Jericho dem! Sodom and Gomorrah dem! Psalm 109 dem!!!

If these things ceased to exist today, I don’t think there’d be any significant change! Well no scratch that, there would be some significant changes. People would grumble less, cuss less, slap themselves and others less and will be less likely to bother you with long winded rants like this while you could be doing more important things like:  Taking Trump’s Twitter account away and stopping Speedy Darlington from putting out anymore music.

But hey no pressure Lord
No pressure

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