Dear Man of the house

Man of the house

Dear Man of the house,

You cannot be taking responsibilities in your house and claim that you are helping your wife. 
If you see dirty plates and you have time on your hands, go ahead and wash them.
There is no part of a woman’s brain that controls the washing of plates and other house chores. 
After doing work at home, don’t start looking at your wife one kain, expecting her to thank you.
It is not compulsory. 
Does your woman thank you for brushing your teeth?
Can we stop already with this entitlement bullshit. 
It makes no man out of you.

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  1. Whatsoever a Man can do around HIS house is what turns it into a HOME.

    If you can afford the Time, clean the place or Stay within a Dirty Environment whilst she’s doing Something else, that’s your Choice.

    Making a Mountain out of a Molehill is downright Silly.

  2. What is d world turning into…pipo now love to only hear what they like.and prefer living according Human philosophy…rather than following God’s procedure and laws of doin things in marriage….Am not suprise d word of God which says in the last days people will ve ichin ears only wantin to hear what they like…and bein loves of themselves

  3. Ladies do not run ur marriage according to human philosophy…yes d world is civilised u may say??,,,but civilisation can not change d word of God for marriage..heaven and earth shall pass away but d word of God still remains d same…westernisation is killin marriages dats y d rate of divorce is on d increase

    • Go read book of Genesis,,and see what our father of faith Abraham and wife did,,,a specific example of Genesis 18v6…sarah mk ready quickly three measure of fine meal knead it,and mk cakes upon d heart….Sarah’s responsibility was dish makin….if ur wife is sick or heavily pregnant but wen is ur duty in d house my guy is wrong

    • @ joseph…if followin bible standard is ur way of defining conservative….my guy i will continue to be,,,the bible us to to be decived by d philosophy of men…everytin created by God is govern by law,,,wen u go against it u will ve problms..bcos they are westners and civilised those not mean everytin they do is right,,,,they ve limitations as humans….so we must not continue to emulate them in everytin

    • Stanley Iwegbu you are talking. If the man decided to help at his spare time, good. If he chooses not to, its not by force. What am against is a man who cant take care of his family by picking the bills. If any woman here feels she wants to go the western way, may i remind them that bills are shared equally btw man & wife over there also. You cant borrow half a culture & leave the rest, if u so wish to go western, then get ready to go dutch 50/50.

    • Yes u can help…wat am against is makin it a duty,,,,i ve seen several men turned into washin machine in there good to emulate good,,not every law passed by d west is good in d sight of God..civilisation and advancemnt in technology does not mean we shuld push God aside…God is very much relevant in our daily dealings…Because d bible made us to understand that theres a way that seemth right unto a man but d end is destruction

    • Mr Stanley even d bible called women helpers not house keepers,no one us emulating d whites, its a 5050 tin,if i can bear ur kids cook,clean,assist in payment of bills u too would do same marriage is nt a curse brother is a blessing so let no man defend himself wen he does not do d right thing

    • Women payin of bills is now what they rely upon to turn a man into a house maid bcos of circumstances…bcos ur husband is not capable and u are capable due to circumstances,,,does dat give d wife d previlege to treat d man in an improper way,,,,The bible says In proverbs 14v1..Every wise woman buildeth her house but d foolish plucketh it down wit her hands….So man women are destroyin there homes bcos dey can provide…Your husband shuld not loose his respect before u bcos u provide…It is not a crime that a woman shuld provide for her family if she has d means…..see proverbs 31v 24 says…she maketh fine linen,and selleth it and deliverth girdles unto d merchant….Verse 27….says she looketh well to d way of her house hold….verse 26 says…..she openth her mouth wit wisdom…….Bcos u assist ur husband in paying bill dat does not mean u shuld mk domestic work a compulsory work to ur husband.

    • So many marriages are bulit on d wisdom and philosophy of men…dats y divorce is on d increase…..Is best adviced to build ur marriage or d word of God…..No bcos others are doin it means is right,,,To me d only thing thats right is d word of God…bcos is foundation standth sure

    • Yess a man can assist d wife is not wrong,,but what is wrong is d wife making it a compulsory thing bcos she feels she assist in paying of bills…..if dats ur mentality as a girl is very wrong… mata d circumstances a woman remain a woman…and a man remains a mata wat

  4. There is notin wrong in husband helpin his wife at home whn he can. For me i will try everytyn humanly posible to see to it dat my wife is not stressed up wit much work. But she dare not take advantage of me.

  5. Stanley Iwegbu you are talking. If the man decided to help at his spare time, good. If he chooses not to, its not by force. What am against is a man who cant take care of his family by picking the bills. If any woman here feels she wants to go the western way, may i remind them that bills are shared equally btw man & wife over there also. You cant borrow half a culture & leave the rest, if u so wish to go western, then get ready to go dutch 50/50.

  6. Trully some cultures have positive and negative sides. I dont think it will amount to weakness if you borrow something positive from another culture and let go one that is not adding any value . In the past where some of our men prefer to dwell or belong, women only take care of the home and children and not bother about earning or making financial contributions to the family upkeep, but in this modern age, women do all that and still contribute financially to running of the home. Kudos to every woman who is striving to also earn a living nomatter how small…better than depending entirely on what her husband provides… let some men that have ego problem continue to dwell in the past. Thank God that many women have borrowed something positive from the west by contributing to the financial running of the home as well.

  7. Stanley do u knw dat God says husband is fetch for d family bcos he is d head?if u ar against a man helpin his wif,do u knw dat dis days women ar also contributin to d welfar of d family wit dier mny dnt dey strugle for it,do wat is right dats wat God wnt,wife is nt a slave

    • my dear,if u r not ready 4 marriage pls remain single 4 d rest of ur after paying 4 ur bride price,sponsored d traditional marriage and church wedding,and proudly make u a married woman,u still expect him 2 do d house chores,u r not serious at all.

    • U ar nt serious too u knw y, u payin d bride price doesnt min u ar payin for a slave,even d bible says helpmate nt slave mate,we didnt say d house chores responsibilty should b on d man bt once in a wile wen less bizy u cn help ur wif wen she is doin d hus wrk n do it togeda no big deal,God forbbid i marry a man wit such mentality as urs

  8. I know of very humble & homely women who will frown very seriously at the husband’s attempt at indulging in the subject matter under discussion, considering same to be not just demeaning to their husbands but also an indictment on her capabilities as a wife. These are ladies who were raised the old fashion way & do consider it a thing of joy to wait on their husbands who ofcourse they regard as their heroes- if we should be sincere to ourselves, you would agree with me that most of mothers fall within this category. And the preponderance of opinion is that homes managed by such women are nontheless peaceful. The above scenario is by no means an obviation or a discouragement to men who are disposed to helping their wives in domestics. Moreso if the spouse is under pressure & would welcome some assistance from the man.

  9. I have been doing all of my house chaos before I married my wife, and am still doing so till date. But that’s bcos I chose to, and she dares not take that for granted. There is joy and dignity in helping out in the home by men, so long the women don’t abuse the trend.

  10. Well, ntin much to comment on here…… My hubby helps me out wit some house chores especially wen am weak nd tired He even helps in cooking too……. Proud of him!!!!!!…. I dnt see anything wrong wit dat rather it makes our marriage more sweet nd not boring..


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