Death and a drug trafficking ‘Hero’

Izuchukwu Ezimoha - drug trafficker burial 3

“Cocaine trafficking isn’t really bad. Infant (in fact) u can compare a cocaine trafficker to an unregistered chemist or pharmacy. They all sell drugs and if you take any drug in excess; It would have serious efforts in the consumer.”

“Death is death, it doesn’t matter how one died, he is a business man, it’s unfortunate that he has to go this way, but that’s life, is either you win or you lose, may his soul rest in peace.”

“He was a business man. That’s all. And May his soul rest in peace!!!”

“I hear u! Judge not ! Remove the log in ur eyez first so dt u will see clearly to remove the speck in anoda person’s eyez” ???

“Look life is all about risk. He gambled and he lost. So that’s it. Anyway many of us are like crabs. We don’t let the next man prosper. We try to stop him even with our words…” ~ Nigerians Commentators.

I stumbled across the above comments defending the lavish burial ceremony for the Nigerian drug trafficker, Izuchukwu Ezimoha, executed in Indonesia. There were a cross selection of opinions, with peeps for or against.

I’m here just laughing. The comments about the Nigerian drug trafficker and even his ‘glamorous’ funeral is nothing new. Mafia lords and Colombian drug barons have lavish burials and so do their crew. This trafficker’s family can bury him however they choose, and label him whatever heroic names they like. He is their son and it is their grief. It is not for me to castigate them for not condemning his wrongdoing.

Izuchukwu Ezimoha - drug trafficker burial 2

Izuchukwu Ezimoha - drug trafficker burial 2

HOWEVER, when other members of society begin to laud cocaine trafficking or call traffickers/dealers – business men – ‘Houston, we have a problem’! We are raising a generation of Nigerians so blinded by greed and a burning desire to ‘make money or die trying’, that our values have become warped. A Nigerian drug trafficker is a “businessman”?

We need the National Orientation Agency to begin addressing this immediately. Jingles and adverts decrying drug criminals. Visits to schools to teach children about the dangers of drug use and drug trafficking. Posters showing the reality of those executed abroad or languishing in jails for drug trafficking related crimes.

Our lack of values and lack of any moral compass has been shaped by decades of corrupt leaders, evil politicians, and a get rich by any means culture. It is time we fight back to protect the nation’s future.

** Tribalists are asked to jump and pass this post. If you want to use this article as an excuse to insult a tribe, then that is extremely silly and you have missed the point. The drug dealer was a Nigerian and was executed as a Nigerian. The shame is to ALL Nigerians. Drug dealers/traffickers/barons come from every tribe/gender/religion.


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  1. The production and sales of Cocaine is illegal in an overwhelming majorities of places around the world. .. ……so this statement Cocaine trafficking isn’t really bad hummmm. Wetin bad dey bad no sugar coat am

  2. Rest in peace. He is not d worse in Nigeria. Atleast it was neither armed robbery or rituals. Reat in peace my brother izuchukwu. I pray and i know that u are with christ now more so that u saw it coming and had d opportunity to repent. Ur critics on earth will be surprised to see u with Jesus Christ on d last day.

    • Abi Morris Bako who are u to judge him? Who on earth would know he is going to die and would not make his way right with God. Get it right that i am not celebrating drug trafficking but i am at d same not not celebrating any bodies failure. We all sin. That we sin differently from others does not make ours a less sin. I hv watched closly how people over react over Izuchukwus wrong and misfurtune..haabbaaa Nigeria’n

  3. They that kill with the sword must go by the sword.Those who celebrate this murderer must surely face the wrath of God. I doubt with every sense of humor if the people did not put a log of wood in a casket and celebrate evil in the name of burial.The government of Indonesia cannot release such corpse (thinking)

  4. Averagely guaged from the above comments, the death of Izuchukwu has not served the purpose for which it is meant I.e a deterrent to others. Rather what I could see is praising the dead to high heavens.
    Well, the choice is yours. You are free to tread the part of the dead and die same way.

  5. Let me remind most of us that the Orthodox drugs we take for treatment n other cure contained cocaine n other substances that u don’t know. Drug trafficking is seen as illegal bcos of d rate of abuse not that is actually bad. All the same rest in peace bro. All man they steal but na d person wey them catch b thief!

  6. But you ppl are giving jungle justice to ppl who steal maggi in Nigeria… Remember the ALU 4 what did govt do to their killers nothing, … Besides I think he was killed because he is a Nigerian if he was from the us or so maybe he would have gotten a diff judgement … Any way with this our economy what do you expect.. Just hope he gave his life to Christ since he saw it coming

  7. If the dead likes, he rests in piece or pieces. There are many businesses to do not drugs. He got what he bargained because he knew before entering the country. We should not mince words to call a spade a spade. If he had returned home alive, he would have been a rich man. Some families don’t care to ask their sons and daughters what they do abroad because they see money. But now they didn’t see money but death…who is to be blamed??? He who haunts snakes must be ready to sip the pepper soup or sip the medicine and bear pains of its bite.

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