#TeamShameless! Deceased man’s girlfriend posts obituary in same paper as wife!

You Is Petty Meme

Do you know what? I don’t really blame these girlfriends and husband snatchers because they must be getting their liver from somewhere. These men tell them things to make them feel important. Make them feel there is a chance they might actually leave their wives. Or at least, that they are every bit as important as the wife.

Much talk a gwaan about “You’re the only one who gets me…we’re only together for the sake of the kids…it’s you I love…she would go insane if I left her…what can I do? Her parents are dead!”

Iranu. Abasha.

That’s how this girlfriend was showing her lack of home training even after the man passed.

55-year-old Leroy “Blast” Black passed on to that Playa Playa field beyond the sky and his girlfriend felt like she had something to say.

When Bad Boy Black passed away from cancer on August 2, his wife and his girlfriend posted rival obituaries in the newspaper.

Madam’s obituary was very civilised, saying he “is survived by his loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black.” She gave only the essential information needed.

Here comes Miss Thang feeling like Telemundo writer:

Leroy Black Wife and Girlfriend Obituaries

This messy heifer here. First of all, she said he was survived by everyone. Probably even mentioned the Mai-Guard sef. And then she names herself as the survivor! Survived by long-tome (sic) girlfriend, Princess Hall. I’m quite certain the funeral home put that typo in there just to be petty, but I luuurve it! ???

No shame at all. Finally, she goes into detail about his profession. Probably hinting that it is responsible for his lung cancer. Missy trying to see if she can make a few bucks from Old Man Blast’s demise.

Trifling. Even if it turns out that the job killed him, what part of ‘legally married’ is she struggling to understand? Everything he is entitled to in death will go to his next of kin. But hey, I’ma let her buy up all these here column inches if that’s what she really wants to do.

Which bring me to…una sure say na the cancer real real kill Leroy “Blast” Black? Cos maybe baddo was just tired of the wahala and just decided to die so that he could come and be going. Just look at his face. What do you guys think?

Leroy Blast Black

Or maybe the problem with the lungs started when Bearetta found out he was messing with ‘Princess Hall’ from round the way. Because you can be as trifling as you like with Shaniqua because she’s your ride-or-die, but aunty Bearetta is not here for the nonsense. Seems like Leroy Black forgot to sleep with one eye open and got a punctured lung for his trouble.

Either way, Leroy “Blast” Black is now dead, and I hope Princess Hall doesn’t follow soon. HuffPo got the news that Bearetta insisted that the obituaries be separate. The local paper wondered why they should run almost identical obituaries in the same paper, but they soon got schooled by Awa Wife.

Clearly, Princess has all the details about the funeral arrangements. Let’s see if she turned up in aso ebi. Because it’s the sort of thing Princess can do. With her big head.

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