Divorce is on the rise; how do we fix our homes?


Divorce on the rise: let it be clear that nobody deserves to remain in a relationship where his or her safety has been compromised; the need to stay alive is the first priority.

Having said that, it is really worrying, this spike in the rate of separations and divorces. The average 21st century newlywed is poorly schooled on the importance of perseverance. Such is the importance of it that it almost rivals love as a sustaining pillar of the home. We are told that marriage is not easy, but our teachers, in trying to not scare us or make a horror movie of it, dial down on the challenges that every home faces at one point or the other. Every home!

This means that no matter who you are, what you are, and how you are when you are, your home will have its own challenges. I am not an advocate of managing; I am an advocate of fixing. Your home will need fixes that you must be willing to effect repeatedly and endlessly. That, beyond even finance, is the real test of whether one is ready to be married or not.

The threshold of our resistance is being socially and culturally tailored to encourage The Exit. You spent maybe thirty years learning to live your life in a certain way, around certain people, with a certain set of values. You should know for a fact that you will not immediately be in complete sync with someone you have known for far less. Someone who grew up with a different set of people and a different set of values.

Even twins who share it all from the womb still have misunderstandings. Why would you expect any different? I am strongly of the opinion that the home can still be salvaged until security of life becomes truly threatened. All the things you are suddenly discovering about your partner are the things in the bag you selected. You are meant to fix them and make the union work, it is your duty. If you decide to walk, know that it is you, not your erring partner who failed and gave up on a beautiful prospect. Please, go and make it work.

Please, share to try and save a family going through challenges you don’t know about.

Post originally found here >> www.giwaspeaks.com/family/divorce-increase-jokes/

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  1. Some of us have stricken out the social necessity attached to marriage, especially in Naija jare

    If it comes, good, if it comes and doesn’t work, bye, if it doesn’t come at all, fine.

    Life is too short to be crying over a “milk that mostly spills” – marriage

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