Easter Don Pass! But should it ever be truly over for the Christian?


Lately, a dear friend has awakened in me the desire to talk in pidgin English. E don tey! Back here in Abeokuta, it’s either I’m speaking oyinbo English or cracking my brain to say a few words in Yoruba. So the whole pidgin gisting thing lately has left me feeling a little nostalgic.

I feel like visiting Warri, spend time with my folks, have some good Banga soup (complete with spices) with yellow garri (I no dey chop starch). Or hot mama-put banga rice or oghwo with correct dry fish and yam. As I was daydreaming these meal options today, a thought came to mind, if I was in Warri about this time, and said to someone, “Happy Easter,” I trust dem to answer me ” Easter don pass”. And true true, Easter don pass. Easter no dey tey before e dey pass. (Don’t worry, I don’t intend to write the entire passage in pidgin English).

I wonder why the most important celebration in a Christian’s life is the one that is given less thought and attention. Yes, most Christians fasted over forty days during Lent, but I guess most of them couldn’t even wait to get over with the Easter celebration so the fasting could come to an end. It’s not so with Christmas, you know. The air of festivities is still felt even till about the end of January. But after Easter Monday, we are all so quick to put off the tears, pains and sober reflections of Good Friday and the rejoicing of our victory with Christ over death and hell, on Easter Sunday.

It’s so much better now I must confess. I remember when I was much younger. Easter holidays were the shortest school holidays. All I looked forward to was the movie “Jesus of Nazareth” which the local TV station would air from good Friday to Easter Monday and I would have the delight of watching it on our big black and white television. It didn’t matter how many times I watched it, it felt good to watch every time. Well, that’s before I got totally blown away by Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ”.

In my family then, we hardly had new clothes for Easter. Most times my mum made us wear the past Christmas’ or new year’s dress. There were no extra efforts on the Easter Sunday rice, most times it was just rice and stew with chicken (thank God we were not of the faiths where we couldn’t have had the pleasure of chicken). Church was on a different note too. Unlike the bustling Christmas and New Year services, Good Friday services was a bore. The very sad hymns, lengthy service coupled with the fact that the priests and choristers had to wear black, left me wondering if we were the ones who actually crucified Jesus.

There seems to be more fun and excitement infused into the celebration now but that’s mostly from the secular world. And also, having received Christ in my life, Easter services mean so much more now, no matter how boring, especially when the hymn ” Old Rugged Cross” is sung.

My question is why are we so quick to want to get over the celebration of Easter? Why is Easter not as delightful to us as Christmas and New Year celebrations? Why do we pay such little thought to it and forget so soon?

Christ is risen

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Jesus did not die? What if He died and He didn’t resurrect? What would have been our fate?

It really isn’t about the festivities or activities; no, its not. It’s not even about the word Easter (I know there is a biblical story behind that). It’s in the essence of the celebration. The message of the Cross. It’s about the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection to a believer. The life we ought to live as Christians and the message we are expected to preach when we remember the reason for Easter.

Yes, Easter don pass! But please don’t forget, don’t get off the emotions stirred up when the story of Christ’s gruesome death was read. Don’t forget the victory and power we have received to do exploits for the kingdom by the reason of His resurrection. Don’t forget the allegiance to Christ we pledged by every word of those beautiful Easter hymns we sung. That’s the essence of our being Christians. Even if dem say Easter don pass for Warri, no let Easter ever pass for your heart.

God bless you!

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