Ego in Business: don’t let your pride get in the way of closing that deal!

black business people shaking hands

An ego is a very dangerous thing to bring to work with you. Sometimes in business or in your career, people will not appreciate what you do or what you are bringing to the table. People may not even understand when you are actually doing them a favour. Or that the deal you are bringing to the table is actually in their best interest.Sometimes it may be that they are jaded and have met so many “experts” who claim to do the exact same thing that you do. SEO experts, anyone? Or the dreaded PPI sales agent?

Other times, it may be that you catch them on a bad day. You could be taking water to a parched desert dweller and s/he will say “Say what you wanna say and leave. My child isn’t feeling well and my car’s MOT is due.”

Yet other times, it might be your humility that is  misleading. Somehow, we equate real power and status with visual clues (like the car the business person arrives in) or their tone of voice (we expect more Alan Sugar than Simple Simon). When you start a business discussion with pleases and thank yous, people get wary. They immediately think that they have the upper hand and you need something from them.

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

Point is, people may sometimes not accord you the respect that you or your proposition deserve. And when this happens, your ego may flare up. Understand that neither their attitude nor your ego have anything to do with the deal that you wish to close.

Keep your eyes on the ball at all times and do not let your ego rob you of that which is rightfully yours. Do not let your ego make you go off in a huff, thinking “See the person I’m even trying to help! Do I blame them??” or even “Are they the only people in this country who offer this product/service? Abeg abeg abeg, I don’t need this insult!”

Sidestep the minor infractions and keep your mind on the money at all times. None of it will matter when the deal is closed. It will all become inconsequential when the agitator becomes a client.

To put a twist on a Yoruba saying “Tori ‘pe a fe je eran, nigba mi, a gbudo pe malu ni ‘Broda’” – because we want to eat meat, sometimes, we just have to call the cow “Brother”.

Get your paper. Make it stack. Ego is nothing in this scenario. Winning, on the other hand, is everything.

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