England and Wales vote to leave EU in shock Brexit divorce


I’m not going to lie; I genuinely did not believe it would come to this. Britain has voted to leave the European Union and we couldn’t be more shocked.

The Referendum has…not quite raged, but certainly hummed along for weeks now, and as of today, the votes are in.

Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain within the Union,  but the decision of the other countries to leave means that the future is equally uncertain for the United Kingdom.

As the markets reel from this shocking news, the pound plummeted to below 1.35,  the lowest it has been since 1985, and Wall Street along with every other financial market is in disarray as the strongest currency undergoes the biggest change it’s had in almost three decades.

I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how anyone would agree with Nigel Farage. He’s our Trump here in the UK. Great at whipping up nationalist sentiment and blaming everything from unemployment to the turn of the tides on immigrants.

I understand the native English feeling that their land has been taken from them; it is usually the preserve of colonisers to feel entitled about who comes to their land.

What I can’t understand is foreigners: either immigrants who have secured the right to reside and work in the UK, or second generation British citizens who are vocally unwelcoming of other immigrants. Abeg who give una mouth for this matter?? Nonsense and strawberry!

Anyway, democracy has won and the change is here. We can only hope that all the good the Brexit supporters dreamt of will come to pass, and all the horrors the Bremainers fear will steer clear of Great Britain. 

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