EVERYBODY hates Donald Trump! Except Americans and Katie Hopkins


I wonder what Americans are thinking?? Why does Donald Trump continue to rise in the ratings? Do they WANT another World War?

They lost so much face during the Bush regime, that it took all the swag, charisma and good policies Obama had to win back some goodwill from the rest of the planet.

And just when the whole world started to feel like “Okay, America – we’re cool now” (with the exception of ISIS who don’t care about anyone; not even their mummies) here comes this orange-faced, toupee-wearing mentalist who just wants to watch the world burn.

He really is stupid enough to think that brute force will demolish everyone who stands up against America and only the US will be left standing after the dust has settled.

Think again.

It almost makes one wish bad things on the US just so one can say “Told you Trump was a gimp”.

In Scotland today, Donald Trump had the honorary degree he obtained in 2010 from Robert Gordon University revoked due to his remarks on Islam, while First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon cancelled his GlobalScot business ambassador appointment.
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has repudiated Trump’s hate-filled speeches about Muslims, stressing that “Israel is fighting against militant Islam that targets Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and threatens the entire world,” with this remark leading to the cancellation of a meeting that was previously scheduled between the two men. Just let that sink in for a second. Netanyahu. Is not happy. Netanyahu. I mean…
With rhetoric sounding all very “Mein Kampf” and Hitler-ish, it’s no wonder this Muslim tweeted this perfect response to Trump’s blustering prejudice:
London: The petition to keep Trump out of this amazing city has gathered so much speed that the website has kukuma crashed – a record 4 signatures PER SECOND! Of course, George Osbourne has said that this will not happen – which is fair enough. You cannot tell a man that his mum can’t come to his house just because you’re the new wife. Sigh. Still, the feeling is very strong.
And London Underground? Well, just check out the beautiful Shakespearean poetry below:
So, the only person who seems to share any sentiment with Trump are the stupid Americans who keep attending his rallies and…Katie Hopkins. But she’s a controversy whore and a twat and doesn’t count.
America, warn ya selves o. The Earth will BURN if this person becomes president. Stop eet. The planet isn’t a version of The Terminator. We are raising children. We are planting trees. We are hugging our loved ones. We are marrying daily. There is NO room for Trump’s unique version of bigotry and hatred.

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