Everything isnt about marriage

Everything isnt about marriage

My parents made sure we all took part in chores at home. No one was exempt and we even had specific days when we did our own environmental sanitation at home, where we would all join in and clean the house.

The interesting thing is they never said anything to us about marriage. They made us understand that we needed to learn these things to be well functioning, responsible adults who would have our own home and lives and need to know how to keep it clean.

Don’t make your kids think everything is about marriage. Especially the girls. There are things every adult just has to know and do. Cleaning toilets and baths, sweeping, washing clothes and plates; none of these is about marriage. It is about common sense, good hygiene and being presentable. Single, married or divorced doesn’t change the need for it.

The way we seem to make everything about marriage is just tiring. We even dress well, use good cream and body spray for marriage. When did we get here? 
Why can’t a woman just look good to look good? Why does it have to be to make a man happy and excited enough to toast her or not end their relationship or marriage?

Why can’t I look awesome because I want to look awesome? Why can’t I have a nice walk and a pert enough butt for me? Why can’t my eyes look good and my diction be great? Why must it be about a woman?

One thing some folks don’t get is that if your motivation is just to get some man or woman, a time will come when you’ll get tired of it all and slack. They will too if they’re like that.

There’s also the possibility that you even lose that joy you think you have because it’s all so dreary to you now or you just stop because now you’re married and that “settlement mentality” has kicked in.

Be a neat, responsible adult for yourself. The relationship and marriage thing is jara. It is an extra additive to your life and not the main thing, and it should in no way be the reason you are doing the right things that you should.

The Nigerian gods are marriage, sex and male children. We will just be doing this how, that how, some how, any how, just to have them. It is tiring. Abeg, teach your kids better so we can save the next generation from acute odeism.

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