FBI Arrests Forbes’ Celebrated Billionaire Obinwanne Okeke for Fraud

Obinwanne Okeke - FBI - Forbes' List

Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for $12 million (₦4.3 billion) fraud. My people, my people. Why are we laidis though?

Just negodu nonsense.

Na dem.

Awon enia “Desire to perspire to acquire.”

Motivational speakers by day, international fraudsters in the night.

Team “what you desire is on the other side of fear”.


All of una wey dey make the rest of us look like say we lazy, na one by one dem go dey catch and disgrace una. Insha’Allah!

People, sebi I dey tell you say the thing wey dem dey do no be wetin dem dey tell you to do. This is why you don’t have their kind of mansions and luxury cars to flaunt. This is why you can’t afford those expensive holidays like they do. This is why you can’t keep up with their ostentatious lifestyle.

You won’t know this because they keep you at arm’s length. But beneath the glitz lies a dark life. A life of despair masked by luxurious facade. The more you scratch this surface, the more you discover it is superficial with a huge difference between the packaged life and the actual.

You may be out of sync with reality if you think they have it all, and you equally don’t know what you are asking for when you pray to have their lives, because beneath all the brag lies all kinds of sordid secrets that must not see the light of day.

It is the disconnection from this reality that is constantly pushing many into all sort of traps in an attempt to attain this spurious eminence.

The end will always be the same for all who tread this duplicitous path- depression, mental breakdown, substance abuse, imprisonment, disgrace, suicide and mysterious death.
This is the un-glamorous truth about our modern world.

When you look at others with their lands and gold, before you start to pray to have their kind of lives; Count your many blessings wealth can never buy, and it’ll surprise you how far better you are than them.

Òkèlè gbigbe pelu itẹlọrun, o san ju wàrà to kun fun ọpọlọpọ iyọnu lọ.
The dry bolus that comes with contentment is more delightful than the moist, succulent cheese that is beset with problems.

Live according to life’s terms and principles.

GET REAL. A o ni ya wèrè o! May we not run mad o!


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